Introducing South Korean all inclusive crowd funding agent that proved its capability by raising 47.8 billion won home and abroad so far: Funding Insider

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▲ Funding Insider / CEO Hallam Park

Crowd Funding
Crowd funding is a fund raised from a large number of people who each contributes a relatively small amount online. It is normally used by ventures and startups with limited amount of initial capitals for launching a business. First introduced in the UK in 2005, crowd funding went through an upgraded platform similar today in the US in 2009 before settling down as a profitable investment market today.

As of 2017, the global crowd funding market was estimated around 18 trillion won ($8.2 billion). As of 2020, the crowd funding in South Korea reached to 380 billion won ($311 million) of which 143.5 billion won alone was traded on the nation's largest crowd funding site Wadiz. What this explosive growth means, experts say, is that crowd funding is no longer a fund raising for money-short ventures but it has become a fast growing investment market. 

Funding Insider
Established in 2014, Funding Insider is running offices in Seoul and New York. It trades nothing but crowd funding and provides all inclusive services covering account opening, fundraising, promotion package, SSN registering, overseas logistics and many more that are necessary. These all inclusive services target one goal: to let as many people and investors know the innovative products or services they are promoting. 

Hallam Park, CEO of Funding Insider, started his developer career in 2014 and engaged in a global crowding funding for his product. But the result was disappointing. What he wanted was a crowd funding agent that will work with its client from beginning to end with attention to detail. Not finding any, he decided to do it himself. Thus born was Funding Insider. 

"For me, it seemed such a waste that there were no capable crowd funding agents in South Korea as far as I knew while there were many people with brilliant ideas and implementation plans. Like you know, Korea itself is a small market compared to global so I thought a capable agent must have this global mind and global marketing strategies not to mention comprehensive service packages. I removed all unnecessary side businesses like this or that marketing but focus only on crowd funding to differentiate our services."

Developer himself, Park knows very well how much developers cherish their brainchild after years of time and effort and money. 

"Generally speaking, a developer (or a group of developers) spends from 6 months to more than 4 years to develop a product. In addition, all the cost needed came from they own pocket and it is around 50 million won ($41,000) to more than 1 billion won ($820,000) not to mention time they poured. How would they feel if their brainchild is treated trivial by an incapable, name only crowd funding agent? 20 of my same minded team at Funding Insider know this more than anyone else in the field and that's why our all inclusive service package is proud to be presented to the venture-driven minded."

Ongoing 5,000 Fundraising
It is not surprising that this same minded team at Funding Insider is carrying out around 5,000 fundraising projects at the moment based on accumulated data, scientific analysis, market research, benchmarking and above all customized promotion strategies. Funding Insider is working in link with U.S. Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Japanese Makuake, Taiwanese ZecZec, Australian Pozible, South Korean Wadiz, and the needless to say Amazon. 

Office in New York
The US is where world's top thinkers, innovators, influencers and the brilliants are clustered. Besides, English is one top global business language. Fund raising in English spoken countries often scares ventures and startups from non English spoken regions. Funding Insider New York office removed this fears as the team at the office move fast to deal with ever changing investment environment. 

Targeted Video Marketing
Funding Insider boasts more than 500 targeted video marketing contents creation experiences. For example, the accumulated scientific data of the company shows North America takes more than 65% sponsors of which 80% are aged 25 to 45 with more than 65% as male sponsors. Targeted video marketing means that each individual video image is created customized for these target groups and regions. 

Landing Page
Landing page is the first open page of a web when a user click to move onto a certain page. Like first impression of a person often decide the impression of the person for a long time, the first impression of a product appeared on a landing page has the equal importance. Funding Insider boasts more than 300 landing page contents creations that proved effective and storytelling-fun.

4 Youtube Channels and 3 Insta Accounts
Funding Insider runs 4 Youtube channels and 3 Insta accounts. In addition, press release is distributed to the media overseas around the launching of a product. After launching, a boost shot is injected that puts the product ranked on top pages. This multifaceted marketing, for example, was resulted 1.5 million viewers on a product they promoted as of April 1, 2022. It is notable that average number of viewers on products promoted by Funding Insider is 300,000 with 15,000 followers. Funding Insider is also using influencers on social media: a product introduced on a 2.6 million subscriber Youtuber received a great response which then led to airing on U.S. ABC. What is more? Funding Insider is collaborating with a number of largest crowd funding agents including Jellop, Enventys and Backerclub. 

Raising 47.8 Billion Won So Far
Funding Insider has raised 47.8 billion won ($40 million) so far. The company is registered to KOTRA and the Korea SMEs and Startup Agency's export voucher give-out agency. Funding Insider is targeting to promote around 100 products on overseas crowd funding platforms this year. <PowerKorea>

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