Artist Bosun Kim holds 4th solo exhibition and publishes 1st book of poems

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▲ Artist Bosun Kim


Artist Bosun Kim held her 4th solo exhibition at Kyungin Museum of Fine Art, Insadong, Seoul. The exhibition was accompanied with publication party for her first book of poems. <PowerKorea> sat down with Kim and talked about the exhibition and her first poetical works.


Q. How was your 4th solo exhibition?

Kim. It was touching. Despite ongoing social distancing, around 500 people paid a visit to the exhibition during the week. So I must say I feel happy. In fact, I had publication party for my first poetical works at the exhibition. I titled it 'Salja' (let us carry on our lives). Looking back my past, I had hard time dealing with things and the poems I wrote may deliver the feelings of the time. Many visitors to my exhibition gave me encouraging words alongside compliments to my paintings. So overall it was successful I must say.


Q. Tell us about your had time you said.

Kim. Like I just said, I had hard time back in the days. Hard time means that I had a number of near-death experience. I suffered from pyelitis, stage 4 breast cancer and hypothyroidism and had to endure anticancer therapy. But I was more worried about my children as I had to feed them after losing my husband. Looking back, children were the reason that I could be able to fight back the diseases. What was more? I was defrauded in relation with my business and I was done it again when I moved to Vietnam. It was all 12 years ago. But because of my children, I got back up and worked as a tourist guide and ran a culture center to make a living.


Q. How come you landed in artist career?

Kim. I liked painting very much since I was a child. I also liked writing and used to write early morning every day. One day, someone who I know of recommended my poems to Monthly World Literature and I debuted as a poet with winning New Writer Award. A judge said that my poems are not difficult and have well presented feelings inside. I was then was Sunsook Kim. I changed my name to Bosun Kim on starting my artist career. For the last three years, I've participated in two art fairs and one in LA. I'm set to display my works at Galerie BDMC held in Paris from May 11 and another exhibition at Royal Museum of Arts, Cambodia this autumn.


Q. We learned that you once did oriental painting.

Kim. I used to do oriental painting and turned to western on occasion of knowing ki-painting artist Yujeong Seo. Doing western painting allowed me to use various materials and colors. If oriental painting is characterized by fast stroke of brush, western comes with different brush, materials and style. Oriental also is rather driven by traditional value. Western in that respect gives more freedom to express what I feel inside.




Q. What materials do you usually use for your work?

Kim. I like using crushes of rock for my work. This is because rock crushes lets me easily mix materials the way I want as well as the color. It also allows me to apply elements of oriental painting which can be a characteristic of my work. Elements of oriental painting fills up lacks of western painting and vice versa.


Q. Tell us about these rock materials. It sounds interesting.

Kim. From stone in general to sand of the beach, you can include them all into it. Like I said, the biggest advantage of using rock crushes is that I can freely mix and match. However, it is expensive and that might be a big drawback. As far as I know, around six artists are using rock crushes as main materials for their work within the country. Another drawback of using rock crushes is that they create a lot of dust when crushing and grinding with iron bars. It is one of the reasons that some students quit.


Q. What is the most difficult part in using rock crushes?

Kim. The dust from crush and grind. Not only this. You have to filter the crushes with a sifter to get the best natural color. It reminds me of the hard time I had to endure in the past. Yet this physical labor is nothing to compare my will to bring good results to my work. I actually sold 15 works at the recent solo exhibition so that paid for my dust-filled labor.


Q. Lastly, what is your next plan?

Kim. I like Picasso for natural talent and Gogh for color. Like two of them, I want to melt my life into my work. I want to be a globally recognized painter and I will participate overseas art fairs and exhibitions more than before. 


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