2022 Presidential Election

Lee pledges 3 million houses and basic pay for farmers and fishermen to disperse population 강영훈l승인2022.03.03








Democratic Party presidential nominee Jaemyung Lee pledged supplying more than 3 million houses and basic pay for farmers and fishermen to disperse population. Lee pointed out inefficient policies of the current government and promised efficient property development plans around the capital region. He also promised to build 30 minute accessibility in and around the capital through newly added and extended GTX lines that will reach as far as Dongducheon, Osan, Pyeongtaek, Ansan, Oido, Gwangju, Icheon, Yeoju and Gangwon alongside extended subway lines of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Incheon line number 2. 

"I will build and supply 3 million and 110,000 new houses to stabilize ridiculously unstable housing prices at the moment. Cutting edge industrial clusters will be built in Gyeonggi Province, DMZ will turn into a tourist hot spot, and streams will turn into ecology parks. I promise 1 million won ($834) basic pay for farmers and fishermen a month which will be implemented in line with my 5 rural development plans: balanced development, food security, green carbon agriculture, transparent agricultural administration and strategic future industries. And this will include better living environment and health systems for residents alongside promotion of renewable energy projects by using natural resources in countryside. I will also introduce a system that monitors and punishes any exploitation or ill-use of farm land through complete enumeration survey on a regular basis. Keep the number of residents in rural areas through efficient job and income support will prevent population concentrated in and around the capital while the rural areas are dying out." 

Lee lays a greater importance on securing food and promised to foster 50,000 agricultural experts who will secure our future food. <PowerKorea>

2022 Presidential Election
The People Power Party presidential candidate Seokyoul Yoon

Yoon pledges complete denuclearization of the North

People Power Party presidential nominee Seokyoul Yoon pledged complete denuclearization of the North through verifiable processes.

"The international sanction will remain until the complete denuke but we can provide economic support if the North takes actions first. Meanwhile, I will rebuild alliance with US alongside comprehensive strategic partnership. I will also turn the national defense to AI-based manless robotic system from the current hardware-centered systems. It is my goal to build manless battle and war systems before 2040. I will not just chant peace and peace with my mouth but I will build peace through power and this will involve close cooperation and collaboration with the US. Regular joint military drills will take place that will include strategic bombers, aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. I will raise soldier's salary to 2 million won ($1,670) a month with privileged welfare support. I will build relationship with China on mutual respect and put into action of the ROCK-Japan Partnership built by Daejung Kim and Keizo Obuchi in 1998."

Other than the North and defense issues, he pledged promotion of cooperation in new technologies, global supply chains and aerospace with South Korea taking the lead in cutting edge tech and networks. He promised better maternity and paternity leave, compulsory number plate for motorcycles, and introducing a national exercise app to pay back the national health insurance fee alongside other various sports programs and events to keep the health of the people rolling without wasting money on it. <PowerKorea>

2022 Presidential Election
The People Party presidential candidate Cheolsoo Ahn

"Technology and enterprise are the driving force"

People Party presidential candidate Cheolsoo Ahn emphasized building Busan, Ulsan and South Gyeongsang Province as a mega city which was very important for balanced and sustainable development of the nation at the meeting held at the UNIST on January 24. "In order to do that, accessibility is the first prerequisite for both residents and logistics" he pointed out. 

"We are in the phase of global energy war. Those who take advantageous positions in energy will take the lead in the future. The problem we have here is that whenever government changes energy policies also get shaken by losing consistency. Nuclear power and new renewable energy are two important sources to be mixed to support the drawbacks each other. Nuclear power phase-out will only increase energy bills and it will lead to weakening of our manufacturing and export-driven economy" said Ahn and continued: 

"Many people tend to think that Silicon Valley as a cradle of success but in fact it is a cradle of failure. The difference is that these many individual failures there are becoming social assets while here in Korea individual failures remain as individual failures. In order for a company to grow, the government needs to interfere minimum possible unless it is a public matter and lift unnecessary regulations instead. It is important for us to know that the conflict between the US and China is mostly about technological supremacy because the one who has this technological power will rule the world in the future. I feel very proud as a Korean that we are the world's number one in memory semiconductor and the government must provide necessary support systematically and unsparingly." 

Ahn explained his 5-5-5 pledges as to promote 5 science and technology enterprises that will grow like Samsung Electronics through special schools and institutes that foster industry experts. 

As for the political system, he suggested an integrated cabinet in which ministers and members are recommended and appointed by political parties. <PowerKorea>

2022 Presidential Election
The Justice Party's presidential candidate Sangjung Sim

"Parliamentary politics should be a new government"

The Justice Party's presidential nominee Sangjung Sim emphasized parliamentary politics to be the new political system of the nation at the invitational discussion held at the Press Center Seoul on January 20. 

"The power concentrated on the president alone must be dispersed. The ruling party at the parliament is nothing but playing the guard of the president while the opposition party is holding the ankles of the government for 5 years. Do we really want to see this again and again? Moon promised to be the government of the Democratic Party but the government turned out to be the Blue House government. Therefore, I will make Prime Minister appointed by the parliament instead of the president and abolish senior secretary's positions at the Blue House" said Sim and suggested: more rights and roles of parliament, and even number of male and female of the government. She also pointed out "The current political system makes outsiders who have no experience in parliament easy to get into important positions and even become presidential candidates which is not right."

Green-nomics, Sim has brought up includes: stable economy even in times of climate change, advanced economic system, domestic economy-driven, job-friendly economy, and transparent and equal opportunities for companies big or small. It also includes: promotion of renewable energy, storage, electric vehicle, hydrogen economy and ecological agriculture and fisheries with 50% increased facilities investment and yearly around 40 trillion won ($33 billion) budget. 

Sim recently toured Guui subway station and Gangnam subway station where safety accident killed a young man, and a woman in 20s were killed without a particular reason by a lunatic in 2016. She pointed out that presidential candidates 5 years ago promised not to let things like these happen again but nothing had changed. She also strongly urged the lawmakers to revise the Grave Accident Punishment Act toughest possible so that the company such as Hyundai Development Company must take the full legal responsibility and punishment in case of safety accident occurred recently which also occurred before but never changed, adding that, a company blinded by pursuing more profits while does not give a damn about people's lives must be duly treated. 

"500 women were killed with reasons for disregard, rejecting confession and offensive attitude of talking. This is the society we are living in at the moment. I and the Justice Party will make it right and fight against any discrimination and violence, and make voice for the vulnerable of our society." <PowerKorea>

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