TrustKey's FIDO joins hands with Tappin to provide strengthened security authentication services including virtual asset protection

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TrustKey, an affiliate of the South Korean security authentication company eWBM, has signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding with the file and folder lock company Tappin at the start of 2022 to introduce stronger security authentication services. An official of TrustKey said "The technical collaboration between TrustKey and Tappin help users manage important files and folders on their digital devices with strengthened security. TrustKey's FIDO makes it easy to log onto with biometric authentication without using hassling ID and password."

TrustKey's FIDO comes with USB type security packs and the company is ambitious to expand its application to metaverse, ERP, collaborative software and financial services through simplified authentication. Tappin, on the other hand, supports FIDO and focuses on its application onto various sites such as Google and MS without the need of IDs and passwords but biometric data such as fingerprint. It is notable that Tappin is specifically designed to protect more of asset protection including virtual assets in addition to personal information. In other words, it helps make complicated authentication processes simple but with strengthened security.

eWBM CEO Stephen Oh said "If the existing FIDO has focused on personal information and easy log onto digital devices, the collaboration between TrustKey's FIDO and Tappin has expanded scope of its application to various new virtual trade platforms as well as traditional banking platforms with improved convenience and security. We see our collaboration as a meaningful turning point in the authentication industry that covers B2B, B2G, B2C and many more." Tappin CEO Jihwan Ahn said "The joining hands with TrustKey's FIDO in a way is to protect personal information and private assets from hackers. When it comes to security, it cannot be overemphasized. FIDO is using the international security standards with biometric type authentication for instant access. Taking the momentum, we are working on launching a fingerprint type Tappin Wallet service."

It is notable that eWBM is working in cooperation with Amazon Web Services for safe log in and out services. AWS has chosen TrustKey as its free FIDO security key give out to their corporate clients. Also anticipated is that diplomatic related government departments and banks home and abroad are considering using FIDO key solutions. The decision of using TrustKey Fido security key is creating a fresh ripple among partners of AWS backed up by the US government's administrative order for strengthened security key solutions. It is not surprising, therefore, that TrustKey signed a supply deal to IMB Cloud last month. American banks including the Bank of America requires secondary security authentication through FIDO, but not OTP, when a trade is made on a certain amount of money. Noticing the move, Korean banks and financial organizations are also considering of using FIDO.

Oh said "Many organizations and people in fact are already feeling tired using hassling IDs and passwords because each site and business requires each ID and password and it is not easy to call back all those different IDs and passwords which also need to be changed time to time. In this respect, TrustKey's FIDO security key is but a good solution to settle things down." Oh, who also serves as the deputy chairman of the FIDO Alliance Korea Walking Group, added "More and more people are using smartphones. It is hard to find people who do not use a smartphone in South Korea as people can do a lot of trades including buying and selling goods and stocks and saving and borrowing money on this palm-sized gadget. More smartphone users mean better and strengthened security and eWBM and TrustKey will play an important role on this." eWBM is ambitious to introduce 'One Key One Pass' for all people and organizations to make their lives and business hassle-free in terms of security authentication.

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