Introducing an innovative South Korean air purifier Swasher

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▲ GongGong CO.Ltd / CEO Sunun Lee

The Korea Consumer Agency last month carried out tests on 8 air purification products sold on the market. From product to product, the agency has found that there were disparity between advertised performances and real performances especially on energy efficiency. In fact, issues on safety, energy efficiency and performances of filters are not recent occurrences. 10 years ago, we experienced a shocking revelation of some humidifier disinfectant emitting toxic gas that killed many people. Regulations have become tougher as a result and more and more companies are cautious on following the stricter rules. 



Introduced by GongGong CO.Ltd at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2021 held at COEX, Seoul last month, the innovative South Korean air purifier Swasher attracted a great attention from both visitors and industry experts alike. Loaded with unprecedented new technologies that cannot be found in the existing air purifiers, Swasher makes friction between spinning air and water to purify fine dusts and pollutants into water. This tornado filtering system absorbs fine dusts in the air and pushes out the purified air outside. It is simple in principle but very practical as it also has realized lower noise and lower power consumption.


[Swasher Filter]

Swasher’s innovative double vortex air purification solution is received as a perfect alternative to HEPA filter. It uses only 9W power per hour (1/3 of existing air purifiers) and a mere 450 won ($0.38) operation cost per month. Swasher filter realizes the existing three layered filters (free, deodorant and HEPA) at once improving the performance and preventing proliferation of germs as a result thanks to Swasher filter using nothing but only water. 


“Swasher’s innovative double vortex air purification solution even collects pet hairs effectively not to mention viruses and germs. Once collected, they are well contained and treated without being released outside again. What is more, Swasher proved to have reduced noise and energy bill while effectively removes harmful gases. Whether it is HEPA filter-driven or electric collector, they need to be separated and washed by water at the end of the day. So the answer is water and Swasher has realized all those hassles with innovative water-driven double vortex air purification solution” explains Sunun Lee, CEO of GongGong.


[Deodorant and Sterilizing]

Swasher removes 99% of odor causing substances such as acetic acid, acetaldehyd and formaldehyde while the UV-A wavelength, loaded in Swasher, removes 92% of pneumococcus within an hour and 62% of viruses within 30 minutes. UV-A wavelength is only operated within Swasher so it does not affect people outside. 



Swasher is transparent so that you can see its operation. Also loaded are LED lights to make it look like a prop that goes well in any ambience of room or office. 



Swasher won the Leonardo Da Vinci Grand Prix, the best prize of AEI(Association of European Inventors) at the iENA, and the Korea Invention Promotion Association president’s prize and the ministerial prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition. 



GongGong has succeeded inviting around 1 billion won ($841,750) investment including government fund by being designated for a private-led tech startup support program. The company also has secured a booth at the CES 2022 alongside receiving an innovation prize. <PowerKorea>


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