Can ‘air generator’ developed by NonGrid be an alternative to existing power generators? NonGrid Chairman Namsik Ju is confident on this.

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▲ NonGrid / Chairman Namsik Ju

[Alternative Energy Sources]

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Energy Technology Roadmap at COEX on December 2. 100 industry and academic experts attended on the day and presented core technologies and R&D strategies. The strategies contain 197 core technologies in 13 sectors which are clean fuel, fuel cell, solar energy, wind power, green hydrogen, energy storage, sector coupling, power system, energy facility, resource circulation, essential oil and carbon capture and usage. The roadmap revealed its vision for joint research with advanced countries to secure original technologies and to pioneer rising markets. Among many eco-friendly energy resources, solar and wind are promising future resources that can alter fossil fuels and nuclear power. Solar especially has reached to a considerable level in using technique as it can last forever as long as the sun burns. Two drawbacks, however, are that we can generate around 4 hours a day and the wasted panels can affect environment badly. For the latter reason, some argue that the existing solar energy equipment is not eco-friendly. Wind also is facing some criticisms for high maintenance fee, noise and vibration and bad look. People Power Party lawmaker Youngseok Yoon pointed out that the government’s blinded drive for supplying solar and wind power was causing side effects and the subsidy for ESS had already been reduced. 



Instead of solar and wind, a South Korean company NonGrild turned its eye to electrical energy. We can sometimes observe electrical energy when lightening hits the ground. A lightening creates 1,000kw electricity which can be generated by 10 nuclear power plants. 


“I used the principle of lightening and after carefully observing how it works for years I finally succeeded development of an air generator. If a similar environment is created in a tube for a lightening to occur, we can generate electricity like it comes from lightening” says Namsik Ju / Chairman of NonGrid.


30 years ago when Ju was working on a research to increase efficiency of gasoline engine, he was enlightened how he could gain higher power than the amount of injected fuel. The enlightenment led to finding the principle of how air generator works. A car usually gains 30% power and rest 70% disappears in heat energy. So, he focused on gaining 100% power from 100% fuel without a waste. To his surprise, he gained 200% power on which he found the principle of air generator.


[Conditions To Be An Air Generator]

In order to gain effectiveness of a generator, we need to take 5 things into consideration: size, weight, longevity, cost and eco-friendliness. 


“The air generator satisfies all 5 things. It has no limits in size so that it can fit even in a smartphone. Production cost per 1kw is only around 3 million won ($2,538) which is really cheap. If you generate 3kw for the next 30 years, a wind power can cost you around 80 million won ($67,693), a solar power around 150,000 million won ($126,925), and a power from KEPCO around 50 million won ($42,308) electricity bill. But only around 9.9 million won will cost you when using the air generator. It is cost effective and perfectly eco-friendly.”


An air generator consists of 4 parts: coil, magnet, turbine and bearing. Bearing among them has the weakest durability but NonGrid succeeded increasing the durability limitlessly. The turbine runs without friction, the coil is coated with enamel and the magnet also has strong durability. In other words, you can use it for a hundred years according to Ju.


The air generator uses a principle of tornado to make influx of air into vacuum to create electricity. External power, therefore, is needed at the initial stage but you do not need it anymore after it starts operating. The air contains impurities but the air after generation becomes pure.


“It is like the sky gets clean after the storm has passed. In nature, however, we never know when lightening will hit but we can make it in a tube again and again to generate electricity. This basically is the principle of the air generator and the air gets purified during the course. You can use this innovative air generator not only in cities but in deserts and other harsh environments.”


Ju explains that the energy of the air generator comes from the 174kw solar heat in the atmosphere of which 2.74TW is used. With this excellent development, Ju is ambitious to change all existing energy generators on Earth with the air generator he developed. From industrial use to home use, almost all products that need power can be applicable according to Ju. As part of this effort, Ju has been proactively engaging in various fairs and exhibitions to demonstrate excellence of his finding. He won the best idea at the 7th Solar Convergence Creative and Innovative Energy Contest followed by a ministerial prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. 


[How To Get An Air Generator?]

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