Lo-Robot, Coro-Bot and Hey-Bot will turn dirty, difficult and dangerous work places to clean, easy and safe: Hills Engineering

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▲ Hills Engineering / CEO Meonggyu Park

[Need of Robots]

People use robots to carry out works we feel dangerous, difficult and inconvenient. Many industrial sectors have already turned their manufacturing and operating systems to robotics and more and more companies are adopting robotic operation for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Robots can carry out works that can otherwise be done by many humans and they are used in a variety of areas and processes from manufacturing, inspection, assembly, packaging, delivery and many more. In the logistics industry, for example, robots are better used for efficiency as massive amount of goods need to be received, separated, stocked, come and gone in time. Moving heavy goods are also cannot be done by our hands but robots. Some people worry about losing their jobs to robots. But some people rather use most of robot’s ability to increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Talking of logistics robots, we have a reason to pay attention to fast rising South Korean gamer changer in the field: Hills Engineering. 


[Hills Engineering]

Established in 2018, South Korean robotics startup Hills Engineering has built presence in the field of development and manufacturing logistics and quarantine robots that are equipped with cutting edge AI and IoT. Hills Engineering is driven by its growth engine philosophy ‘consulting, engineering, system and solution’ based on which the company collects needs and wants of clients as well as market demand for customization. To keep up the latest technologies and trend, the company also is building a close cooperation network with top universities in the nation. “It is very important to use advantages of ‘high end’ and ‘low end’. High end means high performance, design and quality. Low end means the same but cost effective. No matter how high end it is, if the price is unrealistic, we cannot see it on the market. So the solutions we offer to our clients are well balanced between these two that ideally serves to the purpose of the use” says Meonggyu Park, CEO of Hills Engineering.



Lo-Robot is a logistics robot developed by Hills Engineering. It is loaded with vision contrast camera that records visible sights to collect the data. It then compares the collected data with radar and moves to the destination. Also loaded in Lo-Robot are AI, 5G, remote control, pickers and shuttle functions that designed specifically to serve logistics purposes.



Coro-Bot is a quarantine robot. It is equipped with wing-like arms and the 200 degree Celsius far-infrared radiation ceramic filter removes viruses in the air. Also equipped are UV-C quarantine, air circulator and three dimensional sterilization functions. Using the sides of the robot, it can sterilize even under the chair. It can be used in various places such as inside train, airplane, and exhibition and concert halls. Coro-Bot won the Innovation Award at the CES 2021 and the Winner Service Design at the 2021 Red Dot Design Award.



Hey-Bot is a guide and quarantine robot. It is loaded with Tilting Lidar & SLAM, mapping, cognition type AI, UVC lamp and sprayers. It carries out quarantine of the specific areas as well as guiding visitors to their destinations. Hey-Bot won the Roboworld Award at the Roboworld 2021 and the Innovation Award at the CES 2021. 



Turning dirty, difficult and dangerous work places to clean, easy and safe work places is the driving principle of Hills Engineering. “On this simple principle, we bring smart operation systems to logistics industry. It is our intention to bring robotic technologies that serve humans and benefit humans but not taking jobs of humans. Robots we develop will help prevent industrial accidents, reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and promote social contribution” emphasizes Park. Hills Engineering is preparing for IPO after 2 years. (PowerKorea)

▲ hey-bot

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