Why some shops and spaces attract our eye while we just pass by many others? A South Korean spatial design company PPAA gives us an answer.

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▲ PPAA / CEO Jeongseob Yoon

[Spatial Design]
Spatial design is a relatively new conceptual interior design. As against scale and practicality of the traditional architectural values, spatial design focuses its importance more on the beauty and the functionality of a space. Naturally, it reflects needs, wants and trends of consumers and clients of the time. As a result, it often brings unique design and layout and thus a wowing finish. 

Set sail in 2015 as a spatial design company, PPAA (Preface Page And Architecture) has built a strong presence in the field. From commercial and purpose buildings to housing, PPAA has earned both recognition and trust from its clients. 

The company combines and applies its unique spatial design concept of architecture, interior, furniture and props into commercial, medical, educational and residential buildings with all-in-one project implementation system that covers from designing and layout to display and finish. Commercial projects, in particular, include logo and package design as well as branding services so that it can give the space or the building a unique identity.

Jeongseob Yoon, CEO of PPAA, won numerous prizes at a number of international design competitions in Europe during his university years, and polished skills in the field for a long time after graduation. “I focus on the essence of the project in order to maximize the characters and functions of the space. For example, what kind of people will use the space affects the overall design concept of the space. So, I share a considerable amount of time in what the visitors would expect emotionally when they visit the space. Naturally, the communication between the team members and clients comes very important to figure that out and apply appropriate and necessary measures afterwards.”

[Memorable Project] 
In The Garden flower shop in Gwangju Metropolitan City was most memorable. The space had been empty for 4 years due to glass fronts and more than 500mm steps. Instead of alternating these seemingly drawbacks, Yoon used the glass fronts like glass frames and the 500mm steps like exhibition grounds with simplicity on furniture, textures and patterns of the space. This would create a feel of resting in the space rather than just a common flower shop on the street. The furniture is enlivened with traditional Korean house sensitivity to give unique harmony between tradition and modern simplicity. “Decoration can be disastrous when it is done without understanding of the space it is applied. Rather, decoration is a tool to make the space neat and tidy but not overwhelming. So I borrowed a little bit of conciseness of Korean house and lighting.”

[Team PPAA]
Spatial designers have to draw the best result possible in limited time and budget. It is the most difficult part and at the same time highly rewarded challenge. So the promising spatial designers must prove themselves through this harsh trial. Without a doubt, PPAA CEO Yoon went through this trial and so have the 9 highly experienced and skilled team members. Despite its relatively small size of the business, the capabilities and willpower of Team PPAA is second to none. As if proving their capabilities and willpower, inquiries are surging in from all over the nation from Seoul and the capital region to as far as Busan and Jeju Island. 

[Future Plan]
Yoon and Team PPAA are working on expanding its service scope to building with their concept and idea of spatial design intact. “Creating a space and a building after all is about understanding people using the space and the building. What we are trying to do is to create the space and the building that not only serve their physical purpose of the visit but also their emotional engagement. It is not our goal to be the number one in the field one day but it is our goal to give different point of views to the way we see and use a space and a building.”

[Notable Awards]
2019 Korea Future Management Awards in architectural design
2018 Citation from National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee
2010 Gold Medal at Interior Architecture Competition
2009 Selection at Korea Spatial Design
2008 300 of Best – IF Awards Germany

Homepage: www.ppaaworks.com
Instagram: #ppaa_official

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