Hybrid clean container bus stops change the way we wait for a bus: TL Engineering

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▲ TL Engineering / CEO Chungok Seo

(PowerKorea) If you frequently use a bus to work or move, you might have noticed that bus stops are being changed to enclosed booths from open booths. The shift started 2 years ago in Seoul and it serves a number of functions apart from people waiting a bus: shades, fine dust clean room and smart bus running screen. 

Boasting advanced clean room technologies and 20 years of expertise, South Korean TL Engineering has done or is carrying out a number of innovative clean room designs requested by global big shots: Samsung Biologics, Saint-Gobain Korea, Merck KGaA and Ajinomoto Genexine. This year, TL Engineering introduced hybrid clean container-applicable ceiling type air conditioning system and has obtained two patents. 

A clean room must be thorough as not a single foreign body is allowed. For this reason, factories and research labs relating to semiconductor, food and cosmetics are running cutting edge clean rooms. Constant temperature, humidity chamber, cleanliness and air current are some of the core technologies of clean room. 

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A pharmaceutical firm, for example, the class is between 10,000 and 100,000. (*class: number of 0.5 micron size foreign bodies per 1 1ft³). We might have noticed that the air in a plane is always fresh even though we eat food in the enclosed space. This is because the air conditioning system circulates the air every 2 to 3 minutes like the operational principle of clean room.

TL Engineering’s advanced technologies are not only capable of these functions but also negative pressure room in this time of the pandemic, and quite recently the hybrid clean container bus stops. 

“Before we developed the hybrid clean container bus stops, we checked the existing enclosed bus stops in Seoul and found out that they were consisted of an air conditioning or small air purifier and UV sterilization which we thought it were not enough to deal with the pandemic. But our hybrid clean container bus stops fill these drawbacks and perform multi-tasks. It is enclosed but the surface is glass so it looks open. We are proud to mention that, recognizing its excellence, the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute included TL Engineering in its fine dust and virus reduction HCC (Hybrid Clean Container) project last May” says Chungok Seo, CEO of TL Engineering.

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The hybrid clean container bus stops of TL Engineering come in three types: standard, luxury and mixed. The luxury uses stainless materials and the roof is installed with solar panels to generate power and the doors are controlled remotely for natural ventilation and the level of fine and ultra fine dusts are detected and compared on the monitor in real time. In other words, it does not just receive the information from the Korea Meteorological Administration to show it on the monitor. 

The mixed, on the other hand, is designed for both summer and winter with each seasonal function respectively. The hybrid clean container bus stops also are size-adjustable as the module is made into a 3M unit each for easy assembling on the spot on the day. In addition, the three buttons (fine dust safe, virus safe and negative pressure room) runs each different function when pressed according to its need time to time.

“When we secure private contract rights, as the current public contract puts a limit to our business, we are ambitious to introduce our innovative hybrid clean room bus stops to Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport first so that people arriving and leaving can experience futuristic bus stops” says Seo.

TL Engineering’s fine dust and virus reduction 3 in 1 HCC (Hybrid Clean Container) is to be demonstrated at the Air Fair 2021 held at COEX, Seoul from December 9 to 12.

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