DIY colon cancer screening in 2 minutes at home: EZ Detect

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(PowerKorea) A Korea Central Cancer Registry report says 243,837 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018 of which 27,909 were colon cancer, 11.4% with the fourth in the rank. Experts predict the number of colon cancer patients will surpass stomach cancer in a few years.


Many factors are known to cause colon cancer: bad diet, less exercise, obesity and stress. Bad diet in particular means eating fatty foods such as meat especially the processed meat. People aged more than 50 normally suffered from colon cancer in the past but as young as 20 are also diagnosed nowadays which is worrying. The National Health Insurance Service recommends you to take colon cancer test if you are more than 45 on a regular basis. When detected blood in your colon, you should take endoscopy or double-contrast barium enema for doctors to have look in detail.

Colon cancer can be easily treated when found early but the fatality is third in rank when found late. To screen colon cancer, doctors use endoscopy. The problem is patients have to go through the hassling preparation procedures. Observing this with keen eye, a South Korea medical equipment developer MediFuture introduced ‘do it yourself colon screening in 2 minutes kit’ named EZ Detect and it is creating a great buzz in the market home and abroad.


EZ Detect

EZ Detect detects occult blood in feces. Follow this easy procedure: put feces on the chemical reagent (12 x 10cm) provided and drop the water; EZ Detect then changes the color if blood is detected in 30 seconds or within 2 minutes. It is simpler than the test of occult blood in feces carried out at hospitals and the accuracy also is very high according to an official of the company.

The innovation of EZ Detect is that you do not need to go through hassling preparation and you do not need to pay a visit to a hospital to take the test but you can do it yourself at home. If you find colors change often, then pay a visit to a hospital. The doctor will look in your colon whether there is polypus which grows into cancer and remove it when detected. This way, you can prevent colon cancer in advance.

It is not surprising that EZ Detect has obtained certificates from the FDA US, FDFA Korea and CE Europe in terms of accuracy, quickness and convenience. A test carried out at The Johns Hopkins Hospital shows that EZ Detect shows 70% accuracy in polypus, 85% in adenoma and 95% in early colon cancer. Thanks to this excellent performance, EZ Detect is enjoying benefits from CPT Code (Current Procedure Terminology Code) US at the moment.

“The more blood means, the more processed toward cancer cell. So detecting blood in colon is vital to find possible cancer cells earliest possible and our convenient do it yourself colon screening kit EZ Detect makes it regular with such simplicity and accuracy” emphasizes Daeseong Bae, CEO of MediFuture.

While EZ Detect is sold in drug stores and some of the online shops in South Korea, inquiries surge from the world including China, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya and the Middle East.


Ore Pad

Ore Pad is a breast cancer self-diagnosis kit also developed by MediFuture. Learning 25% of women cancer patients in South Korea is breast cancer and the company introduced a DIY diagnosis kit like EZ Detect. By the help of Ore Pad, you can use your fingertip to detect a lump in your breasts.

Ore Pad amplifies the touch sense 16 times more than our finger sense and it detects even a tiny lump as tiny as a hair-like irritation. A test at Donna Rene Verry. Ph, D, Milikin University, DecaturIL shows Ore Pad detected lump as tiny as 0.18mm~0.58mm. Another test at Kawasaki Medical School, nurses detected lumps with help of Ore Pad by 100% and ordinary women by 98.6%.  

“Take DIY test with Ore Pad after 4 to 5 days of ending your period. When you feel a lump, pay a visit to a hospital for detailed screening” recommends Bae.

Ore Pad is especially popular among Muslim women as exposing their breasts is strictly banned and inquiries are pouring in from Dubai at the moment according to an official of the company.


Cell Vitamin C

Also introduced by MediFuture is Cell Vitamin C which can be used either in hospital or at home for especially cancer or chronic disease patients. This liposome vitamin C is equal to 6~8g vitamin C intravenous injection per 30ml (vitamin C approx. 1g). Bae emphasizes Cell Vitamin C boasts 93% absorbing rate while normal vitamin C is 19%.

MediFuture received the 2018 MBN Health Brand Award and listed its name in the 100 Exporters of North Chungcheong Province.



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