South Korean eWBM signs a deal with American SMART Modular to supply eWBM fido key nationwide

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In this time of cutting edge gadgets and ultrafast connections, security authentication is a must as bad hackers are busy hacking information of others all the time. Fingerprint, password and face recognition are some of these security authentication which we use constantly when using smartphone. For companies, it requires stricter control of security.

South Korean security authentication company eWBM has built presence by providing innovative security authentication solutions to businesses with its own developed fingerprint security key. It is remarkable that the American company SMART Modular decided to supply the fido keys of eWBM nationwide. SMART Modular announced that its staff would be the first to use the fido keys on signing a contract with eWBM.



“I’ve stayed in the US for 2 years and the contract this time is meaningful as a small venture of South Korea made it with a global company in the US. SMART Modular is famous for excavating next generation business items and it has decided to enlarge the global fido market by joining hands with us. I hope the status of our TrustKey, an affiliate, will take a step ahead in the global market” says Stephen Oh, CEO of eWBM.  

In fact, it is not easy for ventures or startups to fight in the global market if not backed up by advanced or unique technologies. In this respect, the move and achievement of eWBM is but praiseworthy. It is notable that the fido keys of eWBM is already being used in banks and public institutions in Latin America and the contract this time is expected to activate B2B market.



Also notable and promising is that the financial institutions including Bank of America are enforcing fido-based secondary authentication when the amount of withdrawal surpasses certain limit to ensure double safety.

An official of TrustKey says “The sales of our fido keys on Amazon have creased three fold when compared to before Bank of America applied fido. In other words, the ripple of our fido tech has can wave far and wide. Observing our success, we are now confident to push forward development of more advanced security authentication solutions that do not require password but a key only. These cutting edge tech products and solutions will be open to the market in orderly manner.”


Meanwhile, the Japanese distribution and trade company Shinden, an operation partner of eWBM, is expecting final deals with major companies in Japan for eWBM’s fido keys. If the deals made, it can lay a springboard for eWBM to take lead in the security authentication market in the world. eWBM started supplying FIDO2 L2 to Japanese ISR (International Systems Research) a few year ago and the impending final deals will play a decisive role in taking the advantageous position in the market. Surprisingly, fido is relatively new in the domestic market while gaining recognition in the US, Japan, Latin America, Singapore and Australia in which eWBM is also working on at the moment. As security authentication is not an option but a must in this age of technologically highly advanced society, eWBM’s proved security solutions will only take a rollercoaster of demand, says a company official.

To help users easy to run fido key system, eWBM set to release all-in-one easy to read and apply manuals that will cover from initial installation to management in late September or no later than early October this year. The two manuals are to be named as G310 and G320. The step by step guide will make users hassle free and familiar with newly introduced technologies, an official adds.

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