The Climate Coalition takes actions to reduce factors that cause climate change

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▲ The Climate Coalition / Representative Park Cheon-bae

(PowerKorea) Climate change is happening to its extremity throughout the world. Canada, for example, has experienced temperature goes up to 50 degree Celsius: Cherries are cooked alive hanging on the trees while millions of clams in the sea died with their mouth wide open. Farmers find their wells and ponds dried up which are needed to keep livestock. 

Europe, China and India have experienced unprecedented floods that swept houses, roads and vehicles leaving devastation to the affected and astronomical recovery cost to the government. 

Boasting four distinctive seasons, South Korea recently has experienced shorter spring and autumn with prolonged summer similar to the climate in the South East Asian regions. Some say South Korea’s climate has already changed to subtropical without people knowing. 

Experts all blame climate change caused and accelerated by thoughtless development by human warning the the situation will get worse if we do not take bolder actions than before.  

In an effort to promote actions of the government and the people, The Climate Coalition in South Korea rolled up sleeves and held the 1st New Green CAFACon Awards in line with the 3rd Climate Risk Adaptation Forum at its head office last December *CAFACon stands for Global Climate Adaptation Future Action Contest. 

The awards were meaningful as it is a move of private-led climate change action initiative. Some of the works that won the awards are: God’s Gift for new green silver prize, Miracle Inbang for new green bronze, Hanulsori and Sakdongmom for new green favorite and new green participation respectively. 

One the day, Gangneung Wonju University professor Jeon Bang-ok, academician of The Climate Coalition, gave a presentation on anthropocene, significant human impact on Earth’s geology, eco-systems and climate change. Happy Education Lab director Choi Hea-soon urged the politicians to act.

Park Cheon-bae, Representative of The Climate Coalition, said “The 1st New Green CAFACon goals to promote people’s awareness on climate change and to encourage their actions to participate in reducing pollutants.”

The role of The Climate Coalition is to find innovative solutions that can save the earth from the man-made pollution and to take actions. The members of the coalition are determined to invite more people to be part of their movement and campaign through various events including the yearly New Green CAFACon. 

“It is very important to carry on our programs and actions as the climate change issues cannot be solved one-off but continuous effort. What is more important is people’s awareness and determination to make a change” added Park.

The Climate Coalition planning head Lee Jeong-un said “We decided to use the most of our artistic talent to encourage people to participate in the movement. From games and music to animation and characters, we are working to bring works that can move people’s heart. As part of this effort, we are currently working with a campaign song master Jeong Suk-hwan to introduce a song that praises the beauty of nature on earth. Meanwhile, the climate character Tirori and its T-shirts are on the way to meet the people.”

The Climate Coalition signed a MOU with the Korean restaurant Solnaeeum for creating a carbon neutrality park around Seodae Mountain in Geumsan County, South Chungcheong Province. Solnaeeum has appeared on TV as one of the best restaurants a number of times. Seodae Mountain is famous for fantastic scenery and the 50 meter long bridge that bridges a valley. The carbon neutrality park is to be spread to Cheongju, Daejeon and Gotjawal Forest Jeju.

The Climate Coalition also signed a MOU with a company that has developed nano-bubble technology. According to Park, water is the key to smart city and the nano-technology not only can effectively manage supply of clean water and treatment of sewage but also reuse the water. He added that this is the reason that the 2nd New Green CAFACon this year will focus on water. 

Some of the notable members of The Climate Coalition are: Daejeon Metropolitan Council, Global Image Forum director Park Gang-su, Former Defense Minister Gwon Young-hae and Pai Chai University honorary professor Yoo Soon-ae. 

“Environmental issues cannot be solved by some people but nationwide and global cooperation and actions. I hope The Climate Coalition can make contributions to creating an environmentally better world” says Park.

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