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▲ Ji Yeoro, CEO of Knockers Cp., Ltd.

In the digital era of today, the MZ generation (the collective term for millennials born in the early 1980s to early 2000s and Generation Z born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s) is taking a center stage. It is no exaggeration to say that the recent society is led by the MZ generation. Those who are familiar with the digital environment pursue the latest trends and pursue different experiences from others. There are many MZ people who enjoy communicating with various influencers such as celebrities, famous BJs, YouTubers, and SNS stars on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Communication with various influencers such as celebrities, famous BJs, YouTubers, and SNS stars mainly through SNS such as Instagram and Facebook. A special type of meeting with a celebrity is a wish of all people around the world. In the midst, 'Merito', an app that auctions influencers' time, has been released and becomes a hot potato. Power Korea, a monthly magazine, met with Ji Yeoro, CEO of Knockers Co., Ltd. and heard more about Merito.

Knockers launches Merito, an app that auctions celebrity’s time
Knockers started as a company specializing in application development such as app, online and mobile web pages. It has its own technology in all areas leading the 4th industry, such as 3D modeling, Big Data, software development, and app development. Based on this technology, it is currently working on various projects to launch its own brand. In particular, it is developing innovative items that lead the 4th industrial revolution and presenting them to the public including the VR game platform based on 3D modeling technology and 'Merito' (http://merito.world), which auctions the time of socially well-known influencers such as celebrities, entrepreneurs, and famous BJs. A lot of attention is being paid to Merito through innovative ideas and securing various influencers. Merito, in which you can purchase celebrities' time and things with value of scarcity, contains the communication, healing, and convenience that the MZ generation loves. 
Ji Yeo-ro, CEO of Knockers explained, “We have always been a fan of someone and admired celebrities in various fields from cartoon characters to entrepreneurs including popular entertainers. I wanted to create a ‘platform that connects dreams to reality.” Merito was created for the MZ generation who prefer simplicity and invest in themselves. Merito aims to be a channel to meet and communicate with celebrities with ease and communicate with them by collecting opinions of celebrities who will sell their time via auction and users who will participate in the auction through preliminary research. From celebrities to businessmen and BJs, it is easy to participate in the auction, and anyone can participate in the auction in a light and enjoyable way for the MZ generation and have a meeting with the influencer they admire. Merito seeks to stabilize the service through active activities with domestic celebrities, and it is planning to expand the scope of celebrities such as Hollywood actors, famous Wall Street businessmen, and famous NGO heads in the future.

Proceeds go to fees, to maximize the proceeds of the inpeullueonseo
The system for auctioning celebrities' time has already spread rapidly in the United States since several years ago. Lunch with Warren Buffett or Tiger Woods caddy experience platforms were held, and there were auction programs featuring the time of stars and famous entrepreneurs. In North America, it is common to have a charity auction in a mansion while wearing an evening dress and drinking expensive alcohol. 
The most popular one is the lunch with Warren Buffett. The lunch with Warren Buffett is a program that donates all of the auction proceeds to society. It was sold for $45,67888 in 2019 (about 5.4 billion won), and interest is growing vertically every year. Although there are cases where the time auction program in the same format as the US has been applied in Korea, the donation culture is quite different from that of the US and Europe, the meeting is heavy with an emphasis on mentoring, and the auction target is not diverse. There are cases where the time auction program in the same format as in the United States was applied in Korea, but they disappeared without popularity, because the donation culture in Korea is quite different from that of the US and Europe, the meeting is too serious with an emphasis on mentoring, and the auction target is not diverse. Merito solves these cultural differences and compensates for problems by paying a portion of the proceeds from Merito's fees to maximize the profits of influencers. Through this it has secured more than 200 influencers, including celebrities, businessmen, and BJs, even before its launch.

Strengthening communication between influencers and the public through social media channel space
Establishing a safe and innovative payment system

In addition to purchasing celebrity time, Merito provides a variety of SNS community channel spaces that sell various goods such as special collections of influencers and personalized video letters in the Merito app. The Merito community channel provides a PR space for influencers and different things to see for fans. By creating a playground for influencers, influencers can engage in various activities such as posting their photos like SNS, or preparing content that can be auctioned or sold through Merito Market. In particular, the Merito Times, a space that quickly delivers news of various influencers within the Merito app and discusses issues, is also drawing much attention. As such, Merito is an operating system that makes donations with the proceeds of the application's fee, reducing the burden on both celebrities and users, and emphasizing the meaning. In addition, in order to build a safe and innovative payment system, Merito prevents possible accidents in advance and arranges for a safe meeting. Buyers can top up Merito point in various ways, such as cryptocurrency, credit card, and small amount payment scheme, and can participate in auctions only through Merito point. The system was established in such a way that the buyer and seller meet online/offline, and the auction price excluding commissions is settled to the seller, when the transaction is completed by both parties.

We will continue to discover and develop highly commercial IP in the global NFT market.
The time auction platform ‘Merito’ has been in beta version since the end of July, ahead of commercialization in September. It will successfully settle in Korea, including stabilizing the service provision environment, and spur its entry into global markets such as China, Southeast Asia, and the United States in line with global needs.
To this end, in order to advance to the global market, Kim Hosang, the first-generation idol, recently signed an official MOU with Shining Star Entertainment, following the TEN Entertainment and World Ho Bros, the large entertainment agencies in China. In addition, the company is actively signing MOUs with other MCN companies, such as signing an MOU with the apparel brand Nostalgia for the production of one-of-a-kind NFT clothing. Knockers is planning to introduce NFT (non-fungible tokens) to collectibles and time auction sold on the platform once Merito becomes settled in various countries. CEO Ji Yeoro said, “Knockers is a plan to commercialize the merits of the Merito application, and we plan to continuously discover and develop highly commercial IPs in the global NFT market. We will ensure that rare products such as special goods of K-pop stars and works of pop artist Digiway recognized in the global market. He addressed that their goal is to build a diverse influencer platform while operating various channels such as media and news. Knockers Co., Ltd. is raising brand value through a new platform. We hope that Knockers will grow into a company that has an impact not only in Korea but also around the world.

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