Vichaeon scouts kinematics specialist Baek Dong-ki Chairwoman Kim Mi-Kyung serves as vice president of the Korean Association for Prevention of Infection

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A home exercise device company Vichaeon is turning over a new leaf as a social enterprise. Recently, the company scouted Baek Dong-ki, director of the Exercise Medicine Laboratory, to enforce its EMS training programs. Vichaeon is famous for its health equipment Circuwell V7 and Aplusbody. The former is a foot massager and the latter a self-EMS training device. 

“I have built extensive knowledge and experience as a kinematics specialist. Also as a former rehabilitation professor at the Hallym Hospital Rehabilitation Center, I developed my idea of turning weight exercise as a health functional sport and grew interest in EMS training. Meeting with Vichaeon Chairwoman Kim Mi-Kyung was such a great pleasure and we talked about high and low frequency, preventive exercises and EMS training programs. And I’m pleased to work for Vichaeon” said Baek.

▲ Vichaeon Chairwoman Kim Mi-Kyung

Preventive exercises include muscle, flexibility and quickness which Baek worked on for years. For him, EMS electric stimulus was confined to neurotherapy and physiotherapy. When he learned EMS training is effective to strengthen muscle, he launched a study and found out that Circuwell V7 and Aplusbody are effective in strengthening white (pale) muscle which is needed to build quickness. He concluded that the potential of the low frequency-based Aplusbody and Circuwell V7 is limitless as it can slow the aging of the muscles in our body and they are especially good for elderlies. 


Vichaeon Chairwoman Kim said “I’m pleased to have Baek in our side as he will be in charge of Circuwell V7 and Aplusbody exercise program development. The program will include our detox diet program and together they will maximize the effect.”


During the first half of the year 2021, Kim has been busier than ever: signing a business agreement with the ISEA International, receiving women’s division general director appointment certificate alongside a citation, and signing a MOU with the Korea Coaching Development Center.

As for the ongoing plans, Vichaeon is to develop a system that can store and management stem cells in cooperation with Top Cell Bio Bank. Vichaeon CEO Choi In-gyu said “The business agreement between the two parties will use our EMS training as an exercise method before and after stem cell treatment. We will keep working in collaboration with various other organizations and companies to create synergy and we are expecting singings with The Mains and Souju Korean Medicine Clinic soon.”



June 1, 2021, Vichaeon Chairwoman Kim was inaugurated as the vice president of the Korean Association for Prevention of Infection. The association is a non-governmental organization and it promotes health of the people through preventive programs.

The association’s governor Oh Kil-rok said “The role of the association I think has become more important than ever in this time of the pandemic and I’m pleased to have Kim as the vice president with whom I and the members of the association will upgrade roles and performances of the association.” The association’s chairman Kim Jeong-sik said “I see Kim as a capable business woman who has obtained many certificates. I sincerely congratulate her and I believe we will write a new chapter of the association for better.”

Kim said “I feel a great sense of responsibility and thank you all. Vichaeon is sailing toward a social enterprise at the moment and I strongly believe the saying risk is opportunity. As the chairwoman of Vichaeon and as the vice president of the Korean Association for Prevention of Infection, I will give my utmost effort and hard work to promote health of the people. In this time of the pandemic, Vichaeon’s innovative Circuwell V7 and Aplusbody especially serve better in home exercise.”

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