aweXome Ray’s next generation smart ventilation system perfectly removes fine dust, bacteria and virus in closed space

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▲ aweXome Ray / CEO Kim Se-hoon

(PowerKorea) Value added is an economic enhancement a company gives its products or services before offering them to customers. If the traditional value added worked as to buy a building cheap, remodel it and sell it expensive, the new value added works under new term ‘wellness value added’ which enhances clean air and energy efficiency of a building in a way to raise its value. US universities in the 80s published papers that proved eco-friendly certificate could increase value of a real estate by 15% and the value added started to wide spread from then on.

South Korean government allocated 227.6 billion won (203 million USD) budget for Green Remodeling Project in 2020 and it is creating synergy with private sector-led wellness value added projects. 

aweXome Ray is a South Korean next generation smart ventilation specialist. The company developed next generation luminous source by using carbon nanotube materials which resulted in development of next generation smart ventilator that can perfectly remove fine dust, bacteria and virus in the air. 

The system works this way: the carbon nanotube fiber creates extreme UV(EUV) and soft X-ray at 4.5kv - the electromagnetic wave ionize pollutants in the air - the ionized pollutants stick to the dust collector installed in the back; the electromagnetic wave directly or indirectly destroys bacteria and virus in the air also. 

The ventilator is simply attached to the existing heater or cooler and/or heat recovery ventilation system to be used without installing hassle. The driving force behind this remarkable achievement is but the carbon nanotube fiber which made ionization possible with low power mode and aweXome Ray is the sole Korean company that can mass produce it. 

aweXome Ray installed the system on the 9th floor of the KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) headquarters. The company then compared amount of fine dust on the installed 9th floor with uninstalled 10th floor. The result was 9th floor showed far less amount of fine dust than 10th floor even during the peak time people moving around: A sweep of the air from the system removed 80% of fine dust and a 10 minute operation removed 99.9%. 

As for the sterilization performance, a test at the Korea Conformity Laboratories showed a 3 hour run of the system killed 99.9% bacteria. The test bacteria were: pneumococcus, super bacteria, colon bacillus and aeruginosa.

Kim Se-hoon, doctor of engineering and CEO of aweXome Ray, explains “The test was carried out with real bacteria in the air and we observed a great result that the system killed 99.9% bacteria. It works this way: the luminous source of the system either directly attacks the bacteria in the air or collects it to the collecting plate. I call this perfect killing.” Another test carried out at the Korea Testing Laboratory showed the system inactivated 98.4% of virus after 30 minutes of operation. 

aweXome Ray’s next generation smart ventilation system is installed in 02 Tower in Yeouido, Mangrove in Sungin-dong and D-Camp in Seonjeongneung. A vaccination center in Hadong County and a number of local medical centers are waiting their turn in line. 

aweXome Ray set sail in 2018 by Seoul National University doctor of engineering Kim Se-hoon (CEO) and his alumni Gwon Jeong-woo (CFO), Choi Hong-su (CTO) and Jeong Geun-su (CRO). 

aweXome Ray received investment from Kakao Ventures, Seoul Techno Holdings and KB Investment, and signed partnership with Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, Korea Intellectual Property Office, Samsung C&T Corporation and Shinsung E&G. 

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