Moon visits Low Dead Space vaccinator shop floor

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President Moon paid a visit to the Low Dead Space (LDS) vaccinator shop floor on February 18. The visit was accompanied by high officials of Shina Corporation, Doowon Meditec, PoongLim Pharmatech, and the Samsung Electronics Smart Factory Support Center. 

The LDS vaccinator (syringe) can inject 6 times per bottle as opposed to normal 5 times which is a 20% increase per COVID-19 vaccine. While many countries in the world are having difficulty securing LDS vaccinator, South Korea already has secured enough quantity for the people and orders from overseas are flooding in at the moment. 

It is remarkable that the South Korean companies have succeeded making the LDS vaccinator within a month which normally takes around a year thanks to unsparing support of the government and the Samsung Electronics Smart Factory Support Center.

Jo Mi-hee, Deputy CEO of PoongLim Pharmatech, briefed Moon that the PoongLim Pharmatech's LDV syringe had received excellent review from Pfizer which has ordered around up to 30 million units per month and 108 million units in total. Jo added that the South Korean authority approved it on January 15 followed by the FDA on January 17 while Europe was expected in February and Japan was in a process. 

Kim Jong-ho, Director of the Samsung Electronics Smart Factory Support Center, also briefed Moon that the South Korea's precision technology was accurate and fast and Pfizer was surprised when they received the vaccinator after 4 days of the development, adding that, the syringe realized 4 micro which normally is 25 micro. 

Moon asked Kim whether Samsung transferred this technology and Kim said yes and they would keep doing it, and Moon said back that it was a role model for win-win management between big and small companies. 

At the meeting followed by the tour, Moon encouraged the officials and specialists in the field that the syringe had proved excellence of Korean quarantine one more time after the diagnosis kits, adding that, he learned that around 260 million syringes have been ordered by 20 countries in the world at the moment. 

Moon praised officials of PoongLim Pharmatech which intends to give out 127,000 syringes for free, and promised to keep providing necessary support for smart factory and procurement, and said that the government would successfully carry out the vaccination in South Korea which starts from February 26. 

Also accompanying Moon, SMEs and Startups Minister Kwon Chil-seung said that the excellence of Korean quarantine was a result of cooperation between the government, public institutions and private institutions. Food and Drug Safety Minister Kim Gang-lip said that he would work on necessary deregulation, fostering manpower and providing consulting and infrastructure.

Closing the meeting, Moon showed his gratitude to attendees and those who have made contributions to this great achievement and asked them to keep working hard. PowerKorea

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