Artist of flowers, big-billed birds and oasis in vivid colors

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▲ Artist Kang Ra-hee

Artist Kang Ra-hee likes to use collage with materials gained from nature. Flowers and big-billed birds in vivid colors are two of her main objects to paint. Big-billed birds are projections of humans and the symbols of lost humanity in the progress of civilization. So she uses the birds in her works to delivery her message to the people that we should recover what we have lost before it is too late. 

Technology seems likely to control more of our lives in the future and we, the people on earth, tend to leave the power in its hand for convenience. We are getting more apart from nature even though we cannot leave without it. In this respect, Kang's works are presentations of oasis around which we can relax. 

Flowers in her works are nature breathing and they become mountains and the seas and sometime the fresh air. Big-billed birds in her works are the elements of nature and the objects that commune with nature and the medium to deliver a message of hope to us. The vivid colors make us happy and the strong red and blue draw us into the oasis and it can be a paradise depending on the person's imagination.

Some of her notable works to see are: <Always Together>, <Our Story>, <The Night Under the Moonlight>, <A Nice Time> and <In the Forest>. Regardless the titles, however, nature is the main them throughout her works. She grew up in appreciation of nature and it was the very source of her inspiration. 

She met big-billed birds when traveling Ireland a few year ago and she was enchanted by the uniqueness of the birds. Back in Korea, she found a place where more than 20 of the birds inhabit and she has visited frequently to observe and study. What Kang found in the birds living among other fellow animals such as elephants and zebras is the fact that we, the humans, also are part of nature which we cannot live without. 

Kang has held many solo exhibitions and joined in group exhibitions. The recent exhibition held at Asan Medical Center Gallery, Seoul, attracted a great attention and she received a swarm of heart-touching reviews from those who appreciated her works. 

"Flowers, the birds and oasis are the symbols of nature and of recovery of humanities and of healing power to the people. When the brush does not move as I intend, I put it down and travel for a few days, come back and start again. I believe in optimism and I believe in me that I can get what I want by praying hard and painting hard. This year, my plan is to carry on my works <Islands> and <Big Leaves> which I started two years ago. I hope more people can see my works and find happiness especially in this time of the pandemic" says Kang. PowerKorea.

▲ A Nice Time(Poppy)_50x65cm_Acrylic on Canvas_2020

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