Sungjin Techwin boasts cutting edge technologies in defense components, surge protectors and non-contact sanitizing gates

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▲ Sungjin Techwin / CEO Lee Kyea-kwang

Sungjin Techwin is a South Korean company specialized in development of defense components, surge protectors and recently the non-contact sanitizing gates. The company succeeded mass produce of Korea Utility Helicopter (KUH) and secured its position as the sole supplier of pilot parts (switch) to U.S. next generation combat plane F-35. Sungjin Techwin has been selected as a control stick and panel developer for Light Armed Helicopter (LAH), Light Civil Helicopter (LCH) and the Korean Type Fighter (KFX). 

The company has internally developed the control devices applied to anti-armored vehicles and amphibious armored vehicles (KAAV) and gained acknowledgement for its technological superiority on supplying these various cutting edge developments to the army, navy and air force in South Korea.

Under its slogan 'Sungjin Makes Different', experts at Sungjin has accumulated high level of technical skills and experience that covers from development to manufacturing and obtained numerous patents and certificates home and abroad. It is especially noteworthy that Sungjin made a contribution to localizing defense components more than 80% which normally depended on the imports before.

The company received citations from Ministry of National Defense, and Defense Acquisition Program Administration for the components used in aviation and proved its capability again by being appointed as a cooperation partner of Hyundai Wia for exporting anti-drone systems to the Middle East.

Sungjin's surge protective device in particular is loaded with IoT and it carries out protection, real time monitoring, and big data analysis. This state of the art device obtained KS mark and CB (Testing Laboratory) certificate by passing the waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and -40℃~+100℃ extreme temperature tests. 

Sungjin's surge protective device is developed in accordance with the IEC 61643-11 international standard and it is offered in unit-type modules according to different kinds of power supply and communications from advanced and supply types to visuals, RF, system and 19"Rack Type. 

It is notable that the company developed the surge protector for the Chunggoong project conducted by the Agency for Defense Development, and met the required the criteria of temperature, vibration, impact, and made it as a standard in the field. In order to avoid common problems occur in lithium battery, Sungjin uses super capacity. The company succeeded altering the existing batteries to super capacity by developing the software that can control the sudden electrical discharges, a common characteristic of super capacity. 

Apart from parts for defense industry, Sungjin is actively engaging in introducing various other product lines: bluetooth modules installed in vehicles of Hyundai, Kia and Toyota, KID-Clean registered to FDA as an antibacterial agent. KID-Clean is made of 100% natural substances and it is being exported to the US as cosmetic mist and hand sanitizer. 

Also developed by Sungjin's cutting edge technology, the non-contact sanitizing gate Nebula is attracting a great attention and numerous buildings have already installed for safe and fast walk-through of the people entering the buildings. 

Nebula is an official product of the K-Quarantine platform and it is offered in two models: Nebula I and Nebula II. Nebula I checks temperature and mask wearing and saves entry log of up to 25,000 people. It is loaded with movement detection sensors, UVC sterilization lamps, fine mist spray holes, antibacterial KID-Clean, and LED lamps. Nebula II has the same specifications of Nebula I but it is smaller. Both Nebula I and II come with a 1 year warranty.

Sungjin Techwin has ISO 9001 (quality management systems), ISO 14001 (environmental management systems), and AS 9100 (aviation and space management systems). Powerkorea.

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