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▲ Green Core CEO Lee Ho-seok

As the third wave of the COVID-19 virus outbreak has been prolonged in Korea for more than two months so far, for both individuals and business groups as well quarantine problem have become a must-have issue for everyone following last year in 2021 in terms of the fact that this third outbreak of the virus has been spreading not only in the U.S., but also in Europe and Japan, not to mention Korea. 
Recently, as the number of quarantine companies in Korea has been increasing in the Seoul metropolitan area, there has been a flurry of confusion amid the lack of professional quarantine know-how & expertise etc. In the meantime, Green Core (CEO: Lee Ho-seok), which entered the forefront of fighting the Corona 19 virus in the quarantine field a few months ago, is a specialized quarantine firm consisting of experts optimized for the Corona 19 quarantine, creating a trustworthy partnerships with related industry circles. 
Power Korea Media Group, which has been distributing its monthly magazine Power Korea to KOTRA's overseas trade center business centers in more than 70 countries around the world, has prepared a special quarantine feature in its January 2021 issue. As part of the feature special, Green Core CEO Lee Ho-seok, a new leader in the quarantine industry who had exclusive interviews with Power Korea Media Group reporters at an office near Imae Station in Bundang, emphasizes, "Green Core has already been quarantined in many places, so it is not unfamiliar to customers, and we are trying to stay vigilant against the dangers of Corona."

Specialized quarantine company at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 virus!
Green Core's quarantine sites, which are covered by its specialized team experts, are being quarantined at daycare centers, kindergartens, institutes, schools, churches, cathedrals, shopping centers, restaurants, construction sites, welfare facilities, medical facilities, and public institutions.
Regarding the reason why Green Core was able to grow so quickly by securing a number of customer references despite its short start-up period, company officials pointed out that first of all, the recent shift from wiping quarantine pattern to spraying prevention style in the Seoul metropolitan area allowed to increase such demand for quarantine services. 
Fundamentally because customers have already recognized the importance of quarantine, interest in quarantine has naturally increased due to anxiety that other diseases may occur even if Corona 19 calmed down, and furthermore such demand for quarantine services is increasing due to the expansion of quarantine guidelines at various workplaces, said CEO Lee. 
In order to preempt such demand for quarantine, Green Core is considering a branch expansion plan in the near future and is planning strategies to pioneer market demand with differentiated quarantine know-how of Green Core.
At this juncture, Green Core's distinctive quarantine features, which are different from many other quarantine companies in the Seoul metropolitan area like Seongnam, Bundang, and Anyang, are deserved to recognize, according to disinfection industry observers. 

Green Core's differentiation strategy deserves to recognize!
"Like both sides of the coin, completion of the prevention is not disinfection by the disinfectant but ventilation after disinfection is especially important," said Lee, who points out that ventilation should give at least one time for indoor air to circulate with outside air.
In particular, Lee, who explains that the use of a fourth-grade ammonium compound as a disinfectant should pay more attention to ventilation, explained that if user customers don't have any knowledge of accurate chemical reactions, using one valid drug could be the best for safe disinfection.
Touching upon the fact that customers comments are being continued about the high level of Green Core quarantine effectiveness compared to low cost, CEO Lee was proud of it. 
"The scariest thing is the service spirit that comes from ignorance," said CEO Lee, who majored in chemical engineering at the university, adding that Green Core aims above of all for the safety of its customers. 
Green Core officials once again pledged to Power Korea reporters that Green Core will be at the forefront of creating the hub of the clean zone because it is a quarantine company that has undergone due process.

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