In the untact age, home exercise is rising fast and Vichaeon helps you equip innovative, convenient and effective health gadgets

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Vichaeon is a South Korean home health care company that introduced a number of innovative health gadget lineups: Circuwell, Aplusbody, S4-Genie, marshfire glasswort and LumiereSaltea.

The body change line especially is boasting a patent No.10-0694823 for effective whole body exercise. Aplusbody (electronic muscle stimulator), for example, can helpkeep sound body for just a 30 minute exercise a day at home. The electronic muscle stimulator was first introduced for Russian astronauts to prevent losses of muscle and bone density. It is known to be 10 times more effective than normal exercises and Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the famous people to use this method.

Circuwell V7 is often called as ‘the home hospital’. It is a result of combination of oriental and western medicine. It stimulates the foot, the second heart of the body, and accelerates blood circulation by 4 times than normal. It has been exported to 10 countries in Europe and Asia for the last 20 years. A 30 minute use a day creates an effect for a 2 hour climbing or a 6 hour walking.

S4 Genies is a lymph massager. Ithas V mode and S mode in which users can adjust strength from 1 to 24. Marshfire glasswort is called ‘the wild ginseng in the mud flat’. It is good for stomach, digestion, constipation, high blood pressure and diabetes. It is the steady seller of Vichaeon. The FDA approved LumiereSalteais a hyperpure salt tea. It maximizes absorption in the body and is good for adult diseases. Chunsu Bed is made of red clay and hardwood and has excellent deodorant (93.5%) and antibacterial (99.8%) functions. Wellbeing Health Bio Dome is jointly developed with City & Green which has won the Korea Promising SMEs Awards for 4 years in a row.

“Up the body heat, exercise easy and provoke appetite is the motto of Vichaeon. These three are closely related to each other. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean it should be tough and takes time. But it can be as easy as sitting for our innovative gadgets get it done nice and easy” says Chairwoman Kim Mi-gyeong.

Vichaeon recently signed a business agreement with the Korean Association of National Team Members to provide prevention or help when the players get injuries. In recognition, Vichaeon received the National Assembly Gender Equality and Family Committee Chairman’s prize at the 2020 Korea People’s Brand Awards followed by the 2020 Korea Power Leader Awards.Prior to this, the company won the 2019 SMEs and Venture Forum in technology andthe 2019 Promising SMEs Awards in home health care.

“The home exercise and diet market is expected to scale up due the virus spread and untact trend. It is our vision to help people live 100 years and we are determined to keep introducing innovative, convenient and effective health gadgets.” Vichaeon has been donating part of profits to people in need and engaging in various social activities.

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