Aroma Sense and Pure Rain give worry-free to tap water crisis

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▲ KNTeC / CEO Jung Ji-haeng

Following the particles of the rust in the tap water found in Incheon a few months ago, midge larva in the water again has horrified the Korean people. The authorities said that there had been no reported incidents that midge larvas were harmful to our body. Yet a series of reports from those who drank tells different that they experienced itch on the skin. 

While the authorities are looking ways to improve the maintenance and management system, a South Korean water filter specialist KNTeC has seen a sharp increase in sales recently. 

"Drinking water in South Korea in fact is very clean. The problem is the pipes and the storage tanks which cause the rust and midge larvas. The pipes are laid like a huge maze underground and communal residences like apartments and villas have their own water tanks usually on the rooftops. So the maintenance of the pipes and the tanks is the key" says KNTeC CEO Jung Ji-haeng.

Established in 1999, KNTeC started with shower head and attracted a great attention with the world's first aroma vitamin C gel filter in 2005. In times of the Kim Dae-jung administration, the company received a presidential citation in recognition of a step ahead technologies in the field.

While homeland people were still unaware of importance of drinking water maintenance at home, CEO Jung turned his eyes to overseas market. As a result, KNTeC filters are currently being exported to around 50 countries including the US, Germany, Australia and Malaysia. Finding the rust and midge larvas in the tap water recently has rather played favorable to the company and it increased people's awareness.

Aroma Sense

The biggest contributor to the success of KNTeC is but Aroma Sense. This patented vitamin C gel shower head removes 98% of chlorine in the water and also the aroma in the filter makes shower sweet and fresh. 

Chlorine is a must needed substance to disinfect the tap water as germs get flourish otherwise. On a flip side, chlorine can create cancer-causing agent, numerous research results show. Advanced countries including South Korea limits the level of chlorine below 1ppm for this reason. However, no matter how little the amount is, it is still a worrying factor to our body. Aroma Sense vitamin C gel removes this 1ppm chlorine through gradual melt. 

Once installed, a filter can last up to 3 months and we know when to change as the fragrance weakens. Fragrance are lemon, mango, lavender, rose and gum tree. 

Other functions of Aroma Sense are amplification of anion, 20~50% water saving and smooth touch feel of the water to the skin. 

Pure Rain

Pure Rain is designed to remove rust and other foreign bodies in the tap water. The 7mm thick filter filters even μ:5mm:1000 size alien substances which we cannot see with our own eyes. 

"It is notable that many similar filters on the market are around 3mm thick. But Pure Rain is 7mm thick. You might not find any other product like this on the market" says Jung in confidence.

Pure Rain basin especially loaded the functions of the vitamin C gel with secondary filtering to give maximum filtering and removing performances. The LED on the head, lights you down with water when showering and the lamp automatically generates electricity with the waterpower. 

If you have children at home, you might fancy the Korea's first Kids Shower designed specifically for children with characters on it.

KNTeC has 50 patents and ambitious to grow the business global over South Korea.

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