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KEPCO E&C (President Lee Bae-soo) is a public corporation under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, which was established in 1975 with the aim of self-reliance on design technology for nuclear power plants, and currently has about 2,300 executives and employees based in Gimcheon Innovation City, North Gyeongsang Province Korea. 
Based on the world's best engineering technology, KEPCO E&C has developed design technology for APR1400, a third-generation nuclear power plant that has dramatically improved safety and economical efficiency, and designed 31 out of 34 nuclear power plants currently operating/constructing in and out of the country. In the field of thermal power generation as well, it has developed high efficiency, high capacity, and eco-friendly power plant design technologies of 800MW class, 1,000MW class, starting with the Korea's standard-type coal-fired thermal power plant of 500MW notch. 
The domestic nuclear power plant market, which has been centered on new construction since 2017, is being reorganized around strengthening nuclear safety and dismantling nuclear power plants, and thus plans are underway to expand the eco-friendly and renewable energy generation market by 2030 along with environmental issues. Through a special interview with Power Korea Media Group on the occasion of the 2020 Cote d'Ivoire Independence Day, president Lee of KEPCO E&C, who took office in February 2018, expressed his aspiration to develop KEPCO E&C as a global energy public corporation by responding to the change of energy paradigm and fulfilling the social responsibilities of public corporations.

Major performance
- Future guidance for energy conversion
KEPCO E&C established a 'Nuclear Power Post Management Group' in 2018 to play a leading role in the nuclear power plant post-management project, won the first 'Comprehensive Design Service for the Dismantling of Kori 1' in Korea, and plans to accumulate know-how on nuclear power plant dismantling and concentrate its capabilities to advance into overseas markets through its successful performance. In addition, the company is focusing on upgrading the development of technologies related to spent fuel (SF) storage facilities, CASK(SF transport/storage containers), and strengthening its capacity to develop post-nuclear power plant management projects through cooperation with related domestic and foreign agencies such as Westing House (USA) and Tractebel (Belgium) etc.
In addition, in connection with the reduction of fine dust, which is a hot topic in the field of thermal power generation, we plan to secure the optimization technology that can expect the removal of more than 99.99% of fine dust emissions and the technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improvement of performance efficiency of old power plants, says Lee. 
In the new era of energy, the 100MW Jeju Hallym offshore wind power project, which is the largest offshore wind power plant in Korea, is expected to complete the selection of wind turbine model and to promote the project in earnest. By expanding the business area to feasibility studies and design technology services in various fields such as solar power and fuel cells, we are building a future growth engine base that can grow continuously in the energy conversion era, added Lee. 
KEPCO E&C is pushing to build a smart plant that utilizes core technologies of the digital 4th industrial revolution in power generation. Smart Plant is an intelligent power plant that maximizes work efficiency and productivity by connecting the field information of the power plant to a digital twin power plant and realizing prediction diagnosis and maintenance optimization by big data analysis. KEPCO E&C will expand its ICT solution business, which will lead the smart plant and the 4th industrial revolution in the future, and it is expected to have a great synergy effect in strengthening the competitiveness of the national plant industry.
In addition, as the national demand for nuclear safety is increased, it is expected that the design requirements, the plant facility information (drain, general documents, data, etc.) and the physical shape (3D model) will be connected to build a design shape management system so that systematic shape management can be thoroughly implemented from the pre-construction planning stage to the design-construction-operation-dismantling. In the future, we plan to expand the business area of ​​VR/AR-based virtual power plants and digital power plants by utilizing the design shape management system built, conveys a related official at KEPCO E&C. 

-Growth as a Global energy company by securing sustainability of core competencies
Despite the energy paradigm shift, global demand for safe future energy continues. KEPCO E&C is seeking to advance into the global energy market by continuously developing core technology capabilities in the field of power plant design that has been accumulated.
According to industry observers, KEPCO E&C is taking the lead in enhancing the overseas competitiveness of Korean nuclear power plants, such as acquiring the license to operate UAE nuclear power plant No. 1, the first overseas nuclear power plant, and conducting the UAE operation nuclear power plant project (LTEA). In August 2019, the design certification of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of the Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400), jointly promoted by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation, was finally acquired. KEPCO E&C played a pivotal role in the entire process of acquiring reactor system design, comprehensive design, and licensing documents. 
This acquisition of design certification is meaningful in that it was the first design certification of the US and other nuclear power plant in the United States, which is the most difficult nuclear power plant, and the NRC examination was completed for the shortest time in history, thus objectively proving the safety of the APR1400 and informing the world of the nuclear power design technology of KEPCO E&C. In addition, NRC DC acquisition will be a stepping stone to increase the possibility of entering the overseas nuclear power plant market, and it will play a role as a technical center of the nuclear power plant industry.
In addition, KEPCO E&C is continuously participating in the ITER project under construction in Kadarash, France based on its engineering technology capabilities. A consortium with the National Fusion Research Institute has been established and received a CIS (Central Interlock System) turnkey project to be installed in the ITER main control room. Since 2013, both organizations have jointly developed various systems including control software.
In recognition of this efforts to export nuclear power plants and the ability to pioneer overseas markets such as ITER equipment/design, President Lee of KEPCO E&C won the 2019 Overseas Pioneering Award at the Korea Engineering Association's Chairman's Award Ceremony held at the Korea Engineering Association on April 6, this year. 
In addition, we are also promoting commercialization of high value-added technology-intensive overseas consulting market based on specialized technology power unique to KEPCO E&C, dispatching overseas technical personnel in the nuclear power field, and consulting on thermal power generation performance improvement centered on developing countries, said KEPOCO E&C. 

-Leading the way in realizing social values as a public corporation
KEPCO E&C has continued its efforts to cooperate with the rapidly changing energy conversion era through technical support for small and medium-sized nuclear equipment manufacturers and overseas market development. In particular, it has achieved the achievement of supplying the first heavy water reactor (CANDU) reactor parts in Korea to Darlington Nuclear Power Plant in Canada by promoting joint entry into overseas business with SMEs, which have the ability to produce parts but have difficulty in developing overseas markets alone. In October last year, we won a project to design and supply a cleaning tank that constitutes a hydrogen reduction system in a fusion experiment from ITER International Organization in cooperation with domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, Moojin Kee-yeon. In February this year, we won an ITER piping support design supply project in cooperation with the Seonghwa industry Co. Ltd., said the company.
KEPCO E&C is also faithfully contributing to regional development by taking advantage of its capabilities and strengths. It has also helped prepare a foundation for economic self-reliance by installing solar power facilities and registering power generation businesses in three connected villages in Gimcheon, and has also taken the lead in reducing electricity prices and preventing safety accidents by replacing old electric facilities.
In addition, the company concluded a 'Working Agreement on the Diagnosis of Mid-term Energy Efficiency in Business (Up)-linked' jointly with Gimcheon City and Gimcheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We will strengthen the capacity of SMEs by using the technology and manpower possessed by KEPCO E&C to diagnose energy efficiency and improve facilities and operate efficiently for local SMEs, and support 300 million won for energy new industry and smart factory construction project in smart innovation field, said the spokesperson of the company. 

-In the Corona 19 pandemic era, KEPCO E&C tries to revive the local economy of national disaster situation
KEPCO E&C is taking the lead in reviving the local economy in North Gyeongsang Province, which has shrunk to Corona 19. Through the Community Chest of Korea, it delivered 50 million won in donations to Gimcheon, Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, delivered hygiene products (hand sanitizers, masks, etc.) to local welfare facilities where vulnerable children and elderly people are concentrated, and continues to support life stability and quarantine activities. 
In particular, as part of measures to revitalize the local economy in which executives and employees voluntarily participate, the company introduces local specialties and restaurants to encourage employees to use local restaurants and encourages employees to use traditional markets and to establish commuter bus routes through the region's representative traditional markets, that is, Golden Market and Peace Market.

Promoting the sustainable growth of innovation as a global company
After the third anniversary of energy conversion and the second anniversary of the inauguration of the head of the company, KEPCO E&C continues its journey to become a global company through leadership in innovative growth.
In line with KEPCO E&C's will to secure its position as a market leader at home and abroad by maximizing the company's technological capabilities and foster new and renewable businesses such as offshore wind power as an innovative growth engine for the cold season, the company is continuing efforts to expand business groups and convergence technology groups to promote future growth strategies and expand job-specialized education to foster core human resources at the global level
In addition, the government plans to continue to do its best to enhance the lives of the people and fulfill social responsibilities as a public corporation by establishing a safety management system through a general organization for safety management under the direct control of the president and establishing an advanced management system through continuous business innovation.

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