"Jewellery represents luxury culture of a society and it is my goal to make the charm of Korean jewellery known to the world"

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▲ Yemyungji / CEO Ye Myung-ji

Jewels are precious stones that are passed from generation to generation for its uniqueness and the story it contains. For many ordinary people, they are somewhat look alike but for jewellers, a tiny detail can make a significant difference in value. 


A South Korean jewellery company Yemyungji is received as one of the top jewellery brands for innovative and avant-garde designs. CEO Ye Myung-ji values highly of her concept 'fine jewellery' that surpasses the time of the present. 

Fine jewellery is often called 'high end jewellery' for classical design and rough gemstone settings. The latter especially is important as it gives a feel of mysteriousness of the roughness and thus of uniqueness. 

For this reason, high end jewellery has been highly sought-after among the rich. And CEO Ye is received among the industry circles as one who is able to deliver theses high end elements and feel as they are. 

She made a strong presence in the field with the world's first computer graphic-based signature three dimensional mesh jewellery collection and cyber show in 1998. 22 years of walking the single path and expertise has brought her the title 'the jeweller of the future' which has been well presented in her three series works: curved line, classical and mineral. 

Mineral in particular delivers stories of the birth of the universe and life. Ye expressed the vitality of the universe and its dynamic energy. She made the rough stones as simple as possible and the curves as esthetic as possible in order to deliver her message of harmony between mother nature and its inhabitants. Those who have appreciated her works praised her works as "lovely", "charming" or "ecstatic".

Calling from worldwide

Ye has been invited to numerous globally renowned jewellery shows including  the Vicenzaoro Show Italy, Royal Jewellery Show Japan, and Burlington Acade Jewellery Show UK, while listed her name in the 100 jewellery brands of the world on Solitaire jewellery magazine. 

She joined hands for collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren as well as Lotte for VVIP Yemyungji card and has been actively engaging in seminars and judges home and abroad. Recently, she listed her name in the Korea Herald Reader's Best Brand Awards 2020. 

As future-oriented as she is, Ye has brought up three key words of Yemyungji jewellery for the coming years: philosophy, cutting edge and epoch-making. With these new concepts, she is determined to make yet another great leap forward of Yemyungji.

Leading K-Jewellery

A reason people buy a jewel by paying rather expensive a price for a stone is that they want to give it to their beloved or someone important as a gift. For this reason, the jewellery market is seldom slowdown even in this time of the virus spread. 

In the past, the world seems to be swallowed by just a few luxury jewellery brands. With thriving K-Beauty, K-Movie, K-Drama, K-Quarantine and especially the K-Music led by BTS, South Korean brands are performing on the global stage with explosive response and respect. 

Making the most of these advantages, CEO Ye is ambitious to lead the K-Jewellery with her jewels that are unique, differentiated, futuristic yet classical intact. 

"Across the ages and in all countries of the world, jewellery represented luxury culture of a society. This will never change and it is my goal to make the charm of Korean jewellery known to the world."

For more info about Yemyungji, visit www.yemyungji.com www.yemyungjiglobal.com www.1stdibs.com 


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