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▲ Bugyeong Enterprise / CEO Kim Jong-kap

Recent trend tells us that there is a significant increase in number of city dwellers having a country house. Naturally, the seemingly booming market is offering various materials for country houses with red clay as one of the highly sought after due to its eco-friendliness. Among competitors, the red clay house and dray sauna specialist Bugyeong Enterprise recently has made a strong presence in the field. 

What is good about red clay?

Old Korean medicinal books record benefits of red clay. And one of the benefits found today is that it emits infrared radiation to reach 4~5 centimeters down to our body and it raises temperature and speeds up blood circulation. Also, it helps to remove body waste, stimulate metabolism among cellular tissues and purify blood. 

Red clay country house and dry sauna

Nestled on Jeju Island, Bugyeong Enterprise is famous for red clay country house and dry sauna. Kim Jong-kap, CEO of Buyeong Enterprise, has 15 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field. What makes his red clay construction unique is that he uses seaweed instead of chemical substances and mixes it with ground fire tree. Thanks to these 100% eco-friendly materials, dwellers can enjoy long lasting smell of nature after construction. 

“Seaweed has excellent caking property and fire tree adjusts level of moisture in balance and purifies air. This way, they create synergy and make healthier living space” explains Kim.

Simple construction, cost-effective heating

Kim developed his own heating system for red clay dry sauna. The radiation warms up the space rapidly as soon as the boiler is turned on and the system lets you to adjust temperature between 30 and 60. The bottom is added with red clay stone to keep the heat. 

“Many existing dry saunas generate heats with electric heaters. The problem is that it removes moisture in the air which can accelerate skin to dry and age. But the radiations from my system and red clay enrich skin due to its naturalness.”

One other advantage of the system is that it can simply be installed on the wall as well as the bottom without demolishing. 

Remodeling for eco-friendliness

Bugyeong Enterprise carries out remodeling services that turns non-eco-friendly building to eco-friendly red clay and fire tree building that creates traditional Korean house-like ambience with the unique patterns of window and door frames. What makes this eco-friendly remodeling unique is that it can also be installed home as well as commercial places. 

“A building sized less than 66 square meters takes around 1 month and more than that about 2 months to finish. Our installation service is simple that we can even do it for mobile homes like caravans and trailers.”

Three-generation family business

Kim is succeeding his three-generation family profession of carpentering. In fact, all of his five brothers are all engaged in building industry due to their father’s influence whose expertise as a master carpenter has been well received and recognized among the specialists in the field. 

“We have this principle of giving perfection to each of our work. Likewise, I have stuck to only using ‘eco-friendly red clay’. Thanks to this, the actual cost often surpassed the quotation but I kept this principle nevertheless. Now, I’m rather enjoying a surge of orders because my clients are recognizing my principle.”

Currently, Kim makes himself busy preparing nationwide services of his eco-friendly red clay house and dry sauna installation and construction. 


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