Spreading teaching of Buddha and providing mental and physical healing

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▲ Baekwoon Temple / Chief Monk Dasung

Baekwoon Temple in Daejeon is famous for Baekwoon Pavilion, the Daejeon Culture Property No. 54. A record in early 1900 says that the pavilion was built during the rule of King Jungjong (1488~1544). It was used as a place to teach and to give lecture. Baekwoon Pavilion has gone through a number of repairs but the original shapes are relatively well kept. 

Spreading teaching of Buddha to the people

Baekwoon Temple is the head temple of the Peaceful Union Buddhism Association South Chungcheong Province and Daejeon. Chief Monk Dasung is famous for sending text messages with teaching of Buddha at 7am everyday for the last 10 years. It is notable that a chief monk of a temple makes most of social media accounts to spread Buddha’s teaching to the people.

In 1997, Dasung visited North Korea with monk Bupta, the president of the association who has visited the North around 100 times. He built a noodle factory in an effort to help people in hunger and has endeavored to spread 70 historic temples in North Korea to South. 


Dasung used to be a labor activist. He was a man who could not stand any injustices in our society and proactively engaged in labor movement. Sometime during this period of his life, he came to a thought: “Why should I be like this even though I work really hard?” After series of thoughts, he came to a conclusion and that was to leave this troublesome world. When the decision was made, he enrolled Buddhist University of Korean Buddhism Daewon Society. 

After finishing Buddhist priest course, he came unto great monk Haesung of Patriotic Jajang Temple at the Seoul National Cemetery. While instructing soldiers at the cemetery, he came to enlightenment and left the temple. 

New meditation method

The place he went to was Jawoonsunga Meditation Center in Jiri Mountain. He learned various meditation methods. He then made his own ‘implication hypnosis prayer book’. The book helps believers know who there are, what they did in previous existence, and what they should throw away and fill up. 

Hillstem Yuseong Center

Dasung learned Kouksundo, wongeukkigong and mind control when he was young. Making most of these experiences and new meditation method, he opened Hillstem Yuseong Center near Yuseong Spa station Daejeon. 

According to Dasung, the far-infrared radiation in the center increase body temperature with ion and it helps improve symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, cold hands and feet, side effects of surgery, menstrual pain, numbness and insomnia. Dasung also carries out energy remedies. 

Dasung nestled in Baekwoon Temple late 2011 and is working hard day and night to spread teaching of Buddha to the people. 

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