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▲ Green Family / CEO Lee Pil-su

South Korea marked No.1 in life expectancy among 35 OECD members. Not surprisingly, more and more people in the nation values health above anything else. It is common that we can see nutritional facts and benefits of food on the wall when we visit restaurants. South Korean’s love of healthy food has long history and one of highly sought after is but porridge. 

Undoubtedly, porridge is good for digestion and makes stomach comfortable. It is widely eaten especially by patients and elderly people for this reason. Today, having a bowl of porridge has become never convenient than before as food companies are competitively releasing ready-to-eat porridge. 

Nothing but porridge

A South Korean food company Green Family has walked a single path to make nothing but porridge for the last 20 years. Recognized its passion and excellence by the Korea Food Research Institute and the Rural Development Administration, Green Family has supplied a variety of porridge lines to more than 200 sanatoriums and convalescent hospitals nationwide which makes the company No.1 in that regard.

Lies behind this No.1 status are balanced nutrition, easy to cook and good price. Rice is used only the newly harvested rice in South Korea and salinity is set to around 0.3. Vitamins and 6 kinds of minerals are added by 25% of daily quantity and cammaoryzanol and inosite are richly contained.

“Based on 2000 nutrition comparative table of the Rural Development Administration, our porridges have 10 times more nutritional value than polished rice porridges” says Lee Pil-su, CEO of Green Family.

Automated system and HACCP

Green Family offers 30 pre-mix porridge lines. Despite high qualities, the prices are 30 to 40% cheaper than competitors on the market. CEO Lee also introduced automated system to cook porridge and is lending the devices to clients for free and for easy preparedness. 

“By using Green Family porridge, you can save more than 50% labor cost. The automated devices prevent burning and sticking so they make your job easier than ever. All manufacturing processes are strictly managed by HACCP approved facilities so hygiene is absolutely guaranteed.”

Made for your busy morning

With Green Family porridge, you can just add hot water and stir for 3 minutes to eat. That gives your busy morning a quick and healthy breakfast. This instant porridge cup is made with brown rice by using patented porridge powder method (patent No.10-2018-0156768). Due to its cup size, you can conveniently put one of 6 tastes in your bag when you go outdoor activities. 


Lee’s hunger for research and development has never filled. Thanks to this hunger, Lee has obtained 9 patents and listed the company in excellent porridge technique enterprise by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Lee, who is currently building its second factory to meet surging orders, says “It is my goal to take part in spreading excellence of K-Food to the world and for this I and my staff are working hard as we always have.”


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