Introducing a level up IoT-driven door lock control

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▲ One First / CEO Daesu Ha

While COVID-19 is playing the center of people’s attention in South Korea, many ambitious startups and SMEs never stop innovation. It estimated that 70% of houses in South Korea use a digital door lock on which we just punch the PIN number to open and just close the door to lock. It kicked many doorkey makers out of business. However, that does not mean that digital door lock makers are safe forever as a South Korean door lock maker One First recently introduced IoT-driven remote door lock control system named ‘noKEYone’.

Everything about issuing OTP, who, when, detection and alert

One First made most of its knowledge and experience in aviation and aerospace and in numerous public projects into these cutting edge door lock devices. What makes One First unique in terms of digital door lock system is that the company has built all in one system that can smoothly control everything to operate IoT door lock system from installation and application to server. And ‘noKEYone’ is in the center of this. 

noKEYone lets owners of house to open and close the door on their smart phones. The head of a family issues disposable entrance codes (OTP: One Time Password) to family members to open and close the door. Every single detail such as time of visit is recorded and checked on smart phone in real time. If a movement is detected, the CCTV installed lets the owner know on smart phone wherever and whenever she/he is. 

Proven by Korail, Post Office and hotels

noKEYone is installed in accommodations of staff of Korail. Many staff at Korail finish their work late and irregular and they sleep over at the designated accommodations located nationwide. Rooms and OTP, therefore, are automatically allocated and sent to their smart phones every day to make things smooth and nice. 

The same system applies to staff at Post Office at its training centers. Some hotels also use noKEYone to burden off their work and to effectively manage their business especially without check-in procedure and handing over the key as every in and out of the room activity including the time is recorded. 

TimeOne, JaegoOne and PhonePass

One First’s another brainchild ‘TimeOne’ is designed to control in and out of company building of up to 5,000 staff. The system records time of arrival and leave including during the working hours. This applied to daily employees. It is super easy but super effective as it requires no card or finger print. 

Moreover, One First’s ‘JaegoOne’ is ideally designed for inventory management. Unlike the barcode or QR based systems, JaegoOne works the same as noKEYone and TimeOne system-wise. In other words, you do not need to be at the warehouse to manage all of this. One First’s innovation does not stop here. 

‘PhonePass’ lets you to control communal housing facilities. For example, a lock system operates automatically when a user with a smart phone approaches and an elevator comes itself when the user passes the main gate. All of these systems designed for different use are only possible thanks to the management of the hardware, modules and servers by One First. 

“The core technology of IoT-driven door lock is security. We have built 3 level security system that goes through checking the user’s rights on the application and then the approval at the server and lastly the approval at the door lock” says Daesu Ha, CEO of One First.

Currently, One First is working on solutions for hospitals and rental car services. CEO Ha says “South Korea’s digital door lock technology is the best in the world as only around 3% households overseas are using digital door lock. In other words, the markets are limitless.”


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