Vegan is a new trend in South Korea and acorn tries to occupy the market in advance

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▲ Chorim Danjimuk / CEO Gyesook Jo

More and more South Koreans are looking for healthy foods. Vegan is rising as a new trend in the food market and home grown grains and vegetables are ready to take the advantage. There are many kinds of grains and vegetables on the market. What makes acorn-starch jello unique among them is that it is not found anywhere else in the world but in South Korea; or if found, we must not forget that it is a unique traditional Korean food.

What is good about acorn?

Koreans have used acorns for food since the New Stone Age. It is eaten by the royals in the Joseon dynasty era while commoners kept it for emergency food in the years of famine. Acorns are tenderly chewy and are known to have excellent detox effect thanks to acornic acid. Unlike the vegetables and grains grown by farmers, acorns must be collected on the mountain. So it is 100% nature-grown. Acorns contain substances good for fatigue, diarrhea, menstrual pain and cholesterol. A recent report of the Korea Food Research Institute tells that acorns prevent accumulation of fat in the body. So it is also good for diet.

What is Chorim Danjimuk?

Chorim Danjimuk is a South Korean acorn processing company located in Jillye-myeon, Gimhae City in South Gyeongsang Province. CEO Gyesook Jo has been running this traditional business for years. She has extensive knowledge and experience about acorns as well as making it into a variety of products. She is acknowledged as a master traditional acorn maker from the authority (Korea Intangible Cultural Asset). 

“I have principle I’ve kept always in my mind: what is right makes how long this business can go.”

Jo took over her family business and established Chorim Danjimuk in 2008. She diversified product lines with acorns in the center. Olbangaemuk, the first brainchild of the company, in particular, attracted gourmets for clean finish. As business got settled, she expanded product lines to acorn rice cake soup, buckwheat jelly, vegetable gelatin shreds and more.  

A secret of freshness

One of the secrets of freshness is ‘sagakdanji – rectangular pottery container’ in which all acorn products of Chorim Danjimuk are ripened. It gives tenderer yet more elastic feel of chewing and swallowing. In addition, this eco-friendly container does not produce endocrine disrupter like plastic containers. 

“I’m proud to say that I’m the fifth generation of this family business. And I’m confident to say that all of our products are made in strict health and hygiene standards as fastidious school parents often pay a visit to tour how we make our products.” 

Jo adds that all products are made the day before delivery on order for maximum freshness and they are being supplied to schools and department stores at the moment.

Chorim Danjimuk listed its name in the recommendable products of South Gyeongsang Province, and the traditional foods of the Korea Food Research Institute. 

As a successful woman entrepreneur, Jo donated acorn products worth 10 million won ($8,213) to Gimhae City last February in an effort to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility, an international private business self-regulation that aims to give back to the community.


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