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▲ Writing in 180 Days / CEO Jeonghoon Lee

Every now and then in our life, we have this sudden feeling of writing our own story and make it into a book. But many of us do not know where and how to start. Writing stories, experts say, is nature of man to express desire. But writing and publishing requires a certain level of skill. Problem still is that many of us do not have a time to learn and practice. We might think if there is someone who can guide us where and how to start without an arm and a leg of time and effort. Thus launched Writing in 180 Days by CEO Jeonghoon Lee. 

Making individual uniqueness into exciting contents to read

What makes a good book, a great book or a bestseller? It is obviously not about right and wrong, emphasizes Lee, but a unique story of each character and the skill and insight to deliver it to the readers. A charm of writing a book, Lee continues, is the excitement to record one’s own life in the past whether good or bad, happy or unhappy. And this is the point where Lee offers his professional help in writing, publishing and branding. “Every one of us on earth has something sparkling: the sparking that is unique and that can be worth sharing with the world.”

Wringing, publishing and branding

Lee is CEO of Company Funerals, the sole VIP funeral management agency in South Korea. For the last 15 years, the company has assisted funerals of elites and government led events with utmost care and management from planning to remembrance. “They lived a life that most of us envy about. But for the same reason, their funeral is the heaviest and the darkest as they have to leave all those glories of life behind for oblivion. Some might think my job is rather gloomy. It is true in part. But I make more bright sides by writing books.” Lee has written many books and some of the famous are <Book Thought of Editor>, <1,000 Book Reading Effect by Reading 10 Books> and <Disadvantaged Youth but No Unhappy Youth>. “Reading and writing books is joy and hope. So I want to share this joy and hope with many people who are willing.”

Publish your book without fail

Writing in 180 Days offers 1:1 consulting for everything you need to write and publish a book from contents to writing, amending and publishing. But you must be committed to finishing the whole process before the start. And Lee is working with 170 committed at the moment after launching his services 3 years ago. Among the 170 are one who had never been out of the house for 10 years and one who constantly thought about suicide. 80 of them made their dreams come true on signing contracts. <Acacia in December> by Jeongyoon Park, for example, is now in third printing. Meanwhile, Lee’s <Book Thought of Editor> once ranked top on Aladdin.

Walking together

 “In this day and age, everybody can write a book as long as they make it a habit of looking back their life and give an insight. No matter how trivial you might think your life is, it becomes alive when you start writing. For this reason, Writing in 180 Days gives more focus on the planning and writing process than publishing. Thinking about myself, I don’t think I’m an author but a book editor. I hope I can walk together with more people and share our stories with the world.”


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