The saporina grown wild in fresh aired Namhae County

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▲ Herb & Aloe Theme Park / CEO Hansook Kim

Aloe is known to be used from ancient Egypt for food and cosmetics. It has effect to improve immunity, promote blood circulation, keeps the stomach healthy and moisturizes the skin. In South Korea, aloe vera, saponaria (bouncing Bet) and candelabra aloe are most common. While aloe vera is easy to grow and widely used for food and cosmetics, it sometimes makes allergy reactions. Saponaria on the other hand has no toxic substances on the peel and no allergy reactions. 

Growing saponaria in clear aired Namhae County

Hansook Kim, CEO of Herb & Aloe Theme Park, is cultivating saponaria in Namhae County without any chemical substances. It is notable that saponaria here is grown in the field. Saponaria can be eaten with the peel and is known to be effective for athlete’s foot, burn, stomach ache, rheumatism, diabetes, obesity, constipation and atopy. 

“I developed myself ‘aloe saponaria flora water’ which is good for rhinitis and dry eye as well as eczema and pimples. It has no additives but 100% pure distillate.”

Apart from saponaria, Kim is growing herbs such as rosemary, lavender and mint.

Introducing non-greenhouse cultivation

Kim started growing cactus when she was 23 and settled down in his hometown Namhae at 40. It was 1986 that she started to grow aloe. She surprised the locals by cultivating aloe in the field during the winter, proving her knowledge, knowhow and capability.

“As a proud farmer myself, it is my principle not to use agricultural pesticides” says Kim who now is managing a 6,611 square meter aloe farm, a 11,570 square meter persimmon tree farm and a 8,264 square meter herb farm. 

“I’m ambitious to build a theme park, a beach and a herb village around the area where the locals and visitors alike can have a nice relaxing walk along the paths and trails.”

Kim in fact is expecting to open a theme part on April 5. Her son Hoyoon Kim has been chosen as the Young Landscape Architect of the Year by monthly <Landscape Architecture Korea>.

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