Ultimate solutions for one-to-multitude chatbot Optimized for blockchain

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▲ HYSOOP / CEO Jaewon Kim

University of Oxford UK predicts consultants, telemarketers and call center workers as the fast disappearing jobs in the coming age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. These three jobs have one thing in common: contact. Sadly, more and more people tend to do things in non-contact because a smart phone at hands has enabled us to do many things without meeting people. 

They just exchange things of their interest and form a virtual community according to their needs and wants. Entrepreneurs with sharp eye use these communities as targets for marketing: but with chatbot instead of manpower. AQOOM, the messenger-driven chatbot developed by the South Korean startup HYSOOP, is attracting a great attention in this regard. 

Raised efficiency, lowered cost

South Korea’s chatbot market is growing 30% annually. The functions and roles of chatbots are being diversified. The US research and advisory firm Gartner is predicting that 47% companies will use customer relations chatbot and 40% with in-house help desk chatbot by 2022. 

Introduced in December 2019, AQOOM has improved efficiency in FAQ, commercial cut off, and use of marketing data. AQOOM automatically responds to questions in a group chatroom, filters offensive words and analyzes whether the participant is a man or a robot. 

Ultimate chatroom control solutions

“I saw blockchain specialists and cryptocurrency specialists exchange things with telegram. Average 13,000 people were in communication in a single virtual space. This made them hard to make things smooth specially in terms of controlling the chatroom. So I launched R&D and eventually introduced AQOOM” says Jaewon Kim, CEO of HYSOOP. 

Around 2 billion people on earth are using telegram and it is most frequently used in the blockchain industry. AQOOM improved the drawbacks of this telegram with three functions in particular: white list (cutoff of unauthorized URL), black list (cutoff of offensive words), and FAQ (automatic Q&A). 

Apart from these three functions, AQOOM gathers data on words and patterns of the participants for future reference. The basic manual is in English but it supports all languages in the world. 

One-to-multitude friendly 

The ‘collected question’ function of AQOOM categorizes thousands of questions into similarity groups to avoid irrelevant answers. Moreover, it analyzes number of participants and collects meaningful contents for the manager of the chatroom to make future reference. In a word, AQOOM alone works for the manager to control any type of chatroom that requires many a manpower and cost otherwise. 

Thanks to the innovation of AQOOM, HYSOOP has been chosen for KIC KRT (Korea Innovation Center / Technology Revolution Together) with entitlement to open a business in Silicon Valley Seattle US. Also in 2018, HYSOOP listed its name in the Incublock Accelerating, and has built networks with overseas blockchain companies including Loom Network, Origin Protocol, NEO, and Dragonchain. 

Limitless possibility of AQOOM

“I made busy myself meeting blockchain specialists of Amazon and Google for 2 months in the US. And I am confident about the limitless possibility AQOOM could make in the global chatbot market. It is encouraging that we also have signed a number of Memorandum of Understanding with three local companies in New York and Boston last year as a selected startup of the Global Mentoring System run by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency.”

Currently, AQOOM is in free beta services. The full scale services are expected from March this year. “It is regretful that the public sentiment about blockchain in South Korea is still negative. Blockchain technology in fact is one of the core technologies in the coming age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will change our life like never before when we use it properly.”

CEO Kim has a goal to establish a corporate body in the US within this year. 


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