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▲ InnoEver Solution / CEO Nakgyeong Kim

InnoEver Solution is a South Korean company specialized in building SAP ERP-based business automation systems that make business easier and more efficient. SAP ERP covers many business processes from operations and financials to management and corporate services (sales, distribution, production planning, accounting, supply, training, payroll, recruiting, health and safety, etc.)

InnoEver Solution is a partner of SAP Gold Partner and the global frontrunner in the field of SAP Business ByDesign consulting. The highly competent specialist teams of InnoEver Solution have proved themselves as the leaders of S/4HANA (4th version of SAP Business Suite), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), smart factory, mission-customized office automation solutions and training services. 

InnoEver Solution has made its strongest presence in the field under its three business mottos: 1) sustainable growth of clients 2) global business expansion 3) integrated enterprise and date systems for better analysis and visibility. 

Set sail in 2013, the company soon signed an agreement for industry-academic collaboration with Sogang University and won the Information Technology Award from the Korea Association of Information Systems. In 2015, the company applied for a patent for ‘original price offering method and system’; and in 2016, for ‘user-rights management system and offering methods’, proving their presence in the field within such a short period of time.

InnoEver Solution officially became the leader of the field by grasping the title of the ‘top builder’ of SAP Business ByDesign in South Korea in 2018 alongside obtaining a Top Company of Technical Evaluation from the NICE Information Service, a South Korean credit bureau company. In a nutshell, InnoEver Solution has become second to none when it comes to ERP solutions, S/4HANA, and Business ByDesign solutions. 

EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. 

EPR is being used globally and Hyundai and KIA in particular has announced for the first time in the industry to adopt cloud-based SAP ERP to run its 39 global business offices for integrated management and fast decision making. 

SAP Business ByDesign, on the other hand, is specifically designed for small and medium enterprises. Launched for the first time in South Korea in 2017, InnoEver Solution alone carried out 5 projects successfully right next year and won the Best Partner Awards in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Years of its continuous passion and achievement eventually has brought the company this year a minister’s prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy at the Innovation Winner 2019, hosted by the Herald Group and managed by monthly <PowerKorea>, resulted in harvesting 10 billion won ($8.5) sales recently. Confident to make 12 billion won this year, InnoEver Solution targets to grow as the world’s No.1 cloud ERP consulting specialist group.

Meanwhile, InnoEver Solution has been taking university classrooms including Korea University to give students lectures on SAP-based smart factory, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Those who have shown excellence in the field, the company directly hires them to spread their talent and grow as global figures alongside the highly acclaimed teams. Also in accordance with South Korea’s compulsory coding training at primary and secondary schools from 2018, the company is running InnoEver Coding Academy.

Nakgyeong Kim, CEO of InnoEver Solution, obtained a master’s degree at Ajou University Master of Business Administration and completed the Seoul National University Future Innovation Program. He worked for Samsung SDS and built SAP systems for unit price, accounting and management. He also built global ERP systems for 20 other major companies in South Korea.

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