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▲ Mubal / CEO Honghee Moon

In the oriental medicine, the sole of foot is received as the second heart of our body. Feet have 52 bones, 60 arthritis, 214 tendons, 38 muscles and great many blood vessels. Despite the important function of the feet that hold up our body erect, not many people seem to care about them much. 

Let us look at advanced countries like the US and within the EU. Some universities have run podiatric medicine department since 1907 and some governments even issue related licenses. It is encouraging considering the fact that more and more people are being reported to suffer from degenerative arthritis which make them move their body very hard.

According to the National Health Insurance Service, the number of people suffering from degenerative arthritis jumped to 1.73 million in 2015 from 1.63 million in 2011 with sharp increase in the people aged between 40 and 46. Having observed these helpless people and their pain for a long time, Honghee Moon rolled his sleeves and introduced innovative ‘sole inserts’ to be of help for them.

Degenerative arthritis, or osteoarthritis, occurs from inflammation around the joints which gives pains. But the exact causes are yet to be found and the patients are still waiting with hope for effective solutions to come out. And in an attempt to find effective solutions, Moon focused on unbalance of our feet and body movememt:

“Bones in our body are connected like a chain. A single twisted bone can affect other bones and can spread through the chain. The unbalanced feet, for example, can lead to unbalanced ankles, knees, pelvis, spine, shoulders and neck. Therefore, it is important to keep the feet and body in balance.”

Moon was a successful businessman who made a fortune in textile. He was enjoying his retired life when degenerative arthritis visited him. Not only could he not move but the pain was far greater. Counting day by day without proper solution or remedy, he heard an advice from his medical student son and his professor at Arizona State University to try functional sole inserts. 

Half doubt and half belief, he launched a development of sole inserts and he was surprised by the effect after trying them on for several months. With a little bit of improvement, and for the next 2 years, he gave out this brainchild to thousands of people whom he knew or encountered to try on to see whether they also work for others. Feeling confident at the result, he officially launched a brand Mubal. 

According to Moon, Mubal helps our body keep in balance and stimulates trigeminal nerve to improve neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. In fact, those who tried Mubal experienced a complete recovery from the disease and the words spread fast. Moon adds that Mubal also stimulates musculoskeletal to help support bones. 

He explains that Mubal is designed ergonomically to maximize correction of damaged joints and subsequent prevention; what makes it unique, he emphasizes, is that Mubal is loaded with a pair of special sliders that cannot be found anywhere else in the US or Europe. 

The slider balances the body at 15 degree angle when walking; it adjusts the angle of the foot touching the land, and it moves the ‘landing line’ between index toes and middle toes to keep tandem gait. The line in the middle of the slider plays a lever and spreads the pressed nerves to lumbar and cervical vertebral to ease pains in shoulders and arms. Moon adds that it also helps improve symptoms of plantar fasciitis, leg edema and feeling of cold foot. All of these functions are patented.

Mubal can be used for all age groups but children after 7 years old. Mubal helps children grow their body in balance and can prevent arthritis in their later years; it also helps women, often wearing high hills, ease hallux valgus. 

Mubal is made of germanium, amethyst and other special materials and is receiving positive response in China. At an invitational lecture held by a Chinese pharmaceutical association, Moon presented excellence of Mubal in both theory and demonstration.

Currently, Moon is working on obtaining trade mark and patents in China and the US. 


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