“One Health” shared by humans, animals and environment

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▲ G&B Solution CEO Taechul Yoo

It has been 2 months since African Swine Fever (ASF) has swept some part in the north of Seoul. Starting from Paju City, it has spread to Yeoncheon County, Gimpo City and Ganghwa Island laughing the preventive measures that have been implemented by health authorities so far. Turning our eyes to our neighboring country China, about 130 million pigs being affected by African Swine Fever have been killed in prevention of further spread. The virus transits through droppings such as feces, urine and saliva when touched. Thankfully it is not viral to humans or other animals. However, some papers have brought up possibility of human infection of Avian Influenza and the advent of a new disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (a degenerative brain disorder that leads to dementia and death). Adding to the fear, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been proved to be originated from animals. What it tells us is that we are no longer sure that these animal-driven diseases will not affect humans.

WHO, “70% of new infectious diseases come from animals”

Humans have evolved alongside animals. The 1998 Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Jared Diamond emphasized in his book <Guns, Germs, and Steel> (1997) that cattle have influenced civilizations greatly: cattle have helped humans increase agricultural products, provided protein and contributed to transportation; at the same time, they have spread diseases: smallpox from cows and whooping cough and influenza from pigs for examples; HIV also is a mutant of the virus lived in a wild monkeys in Africa. According to the World Health Organization’s statistics of last 20 years, 70% of infectious diseases among vertebrates spread from animals to humans and it is called ‘zoonosis’.  About 250 kinds of zoonosis have been reported of which around 100 are affecting humans seriously such as HIV and Ebola. South Korean government has pointed out 10 kinds of zoonosis which not many people know about yet. ‘Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli’ found in cows, lambs, coats, pigs, dogs and chickens during the 90s in Japan affected 12,000 humans; and it is affecting yearly 50 humans after 2000 in South Korea. ‘Brucellosis’ also was specified as a legal communicable disease in 2000 and the number of cases is being reported thereafter with 63 affected farmhouses last year alone.


One Health

In answer to these threats, humans have introduced a collaborative effort under the collaborative concept named “One Health”. One Health emphasizes connection between humans, animals and environment as one whole organism. The concept is meaningful as it has shifted human-centered approach to health and diseases to ecology-centered. The One Health Committee led by vets, doctors and scientists set sail in 2007 in the US while the One Health European Joint Program is being led by 38 research institutes of 19 countries at the moment.  It was 2012 that the concept One Health was introduced to South Korea but nothing has been substantial except debates and discussions up until now. While authorities beating around the bush, one South Korean company rolled up sleeve and brought up an action and it is G&B Solution. Stench has been the core of conflicts between pig farms and residents around. Complaints were poured in and farm owners got stressed. In fact, this sick-making stench of pig farms not only is harmful to both owners and residents but the main culprit of the stench, such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, makes pigs ill and contributes to spreading diseases. In addition, the droppings of pigs flow into underground water and soil to contaminate the earth. Taechul Yoo, CEO of G&B Solution, brought up an innovative solution from the conception of One Health and succeeded development of a new eco-friendly enzyme complex that reduces stench of pig farms significantly. And the hero is “BioMagic”.  

“Pigs grown in clean environment are also good for humans. The concept One Health widened my view about humans, animals and environment as one organism that affect each other. In the same respect, pig farms do not need to be remotely located from residence if they are clean and stench-free. So we launched a research, found natural ingredients to remove stench, and eventually introduced BioMagic.”

Prevention of Virus Diseases in Pig Farms by Regular Spread of BioMagic 
Suwon University Bioscience Professor Youngho Kim

Humans have overcome many diseases caused by virus. However, eradicating them has not been an easy task to fulfill because virus mutates and the existing remedy no longer works. Good examples are Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus (FMDv), Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) and Avian Influenza virus (AIv) and the only cure available is prevention such as vaccine. 

The research team of Suwon University Bioscience led by Professor Youngho Kim carried out an experiment on effect of BioMagic based on the fact that the virus has RNA as dielectrics, and its structure is icosahedron or enveloped virus; and BioMagic solution breaks this structure and prevents replication activity of RNA. 

“We were reported that the pig farms which used BioMagic solution had experienced improvement in removing stench and reducing the number of pigs suffering from FMD and diarrhea. So we launched sample survey and experiment for verification from 28th December 2017 to 27th December 2018. We observed with electron microscopes to see the changes of structure after applying BioMagic and the reactions of virus in samples of feces and urine between the BioMagic applied farms and non-applied farms; and we found some meaningful results.”

The experiment found that BioMagic solution breaks the protein structure that constitutes the outside film of virus and prevents attachment to host cell’s virus acceptor (the matter expressed on host cell’s surface that meets with virus to make infection possible). In other words, BioMagic disabled the possibility of infection by breaking the virus structure. 

The team also found that BioMagic checked proliferation of highly pathogenic influenza virus from cell line and significantly reduced infectibility of virus released from infected host’s respiratory organ during the spread to the air. The test on 80 feces and urine samples showed positive for PEDv by 21.1% in non-applied farms while 10.7% in applied farms; the follow up test on one month regular application of BioMagic in PEDv-infected farms showed negative. 

Based on the fact that the pig farms which used BioMagic were FMD-free, Professor Kim assumes that BioMagic can also remove FMD. Unlike chemical disinfectants used in prevention of epidemics, BioMagic is highly praised for regular use thanks to natural substances that dissolve, digest and absorb pollutants instantly. Therefore, Kim emphasizes, a further experiment should be made on BioMagic in relation to preventing AIv, PEDv, PRRSv and ASF.

Stench Removing Effect of Orange, Papaya and Lime Fermented Solution (BioMagic) in Pig Farms
Former Seoul National University Veterinary Professor and current Inje University Biotechnology Professor Guntaek Park

Stench from pig farms can harm both pigs and farmers. Authorities have tried various measures to reduce stench. The team of Former Seoul National University Veterinary Professor Guntaek Park carried out an experiment whether BioMagic indeed had effect on removing stench in pig farms in Gimhae City, South Gyeongsang Province, from February to April 2016 by comparison between before application and after application. 

“Our goal was to measure concentration of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and carbon dioxide from which we intended to draw scientific data on stench reduction and growth of pigs.”

The experiment showed that the BioMagic used farms stayed within the normal range of oxygen 20.9%, carbon dioxide less than 1,500ppm, ammonia less than 10ppm and hydrogen sulfide 0ppm throughout the year; mortality rate was reduced by 70%, both inherent and acquired immunity was improved, cortisol which is a stress index was reduced by 90%. 

The team concluded that BioMagic contributed to creating clean environment of pig farms, removing stench, reducing stress, improving immunity and efficiency of feed, reducing outbreak of diseases, reducing mortality rate, shortening shipment period and producing healthy and safe pork. 

Park added that operating clean and eco-friendly pig farms is one good way of implementing One Health; it can bring better productivity and profits and prevents PEDv, PRRSv, AIv, FMDv and quiet recently ASFv that develop faster through modification than the development of science. Park said that he would like to carry out further researches on BioMagic. 

Modernized stench-free pig farm improves grades and recycling of resources
Seowon Pig Farm CEO Ueungsik Sim

Stench has made a man who has had more than 30 years of experience in raising livestock helpless. Seowon Pig Farm is located in Seowon-myeon, Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province and CEO Ueungsik Sim says that he knows how hard the job of raising livestock is by watching his father working in the field since 1982. 

“Treatment of animal wastes is the biggest problem for pig farmers. Just a several day of negligence calls a wave of complaints and in fact the gas coming from it harms not only workers and residents but also the pigs as well. Thinking back, my father used to wake up at 4am to deal with wastes for 5 hours.”

Seowon Pig Farm now is different from those days. Sim modernized facilities and has removed stench which resulted in improvement of productivity and recycling of resources thanks to BioMagic. BioMagic has made it possible not to use liquid-solid separators to process pig droppings. Also, the effluent is used for circulating water within the pig farm and the rest for feeding. 

On recommendation of G&B Solution, Sim obtained a liquid fertilizer manufacturing certificate from Hoengseong County in October 2018 and the fermented liquid of livestock excretion produced in Seowon Pig Farm has been able to be processed to nearby processing complex and distribution centers. Also on advice of G&B Solution, Sim installed auto-sprinklers to maximize efficiency and is drawing dramatic change to the environment of the farm. 

“I think the characteristics of BioMagic keep the farm clean and nice as it dissolves, digests and absorbs the organism while increasing indigenous microbes that help proliferation of virtuous cycle, prevention of environmental pollution and keeping healthy ecology.”

Seowon Pig Farm is negative for PRRSv and PEDv despite it is using just a few basic vaccines without any chemicals, and is recognized as a clean pig farm from the authority. The mortality rate is only 1% and the rate of the first grade pigs has reached 88% as a result. Above all, Sim is proud that his farm is the sole pig farm that has zero stench complaint among the 17 pig farms in Hoengseong County. 

BioMagic and advanced operating system play a role model for eco-friendly pig farms
Hambak Pig Farm CEO Chulmin Lee

Lee quit his job at a big company 9 years ago to start a pig farm. It was not an easy start and stench, in particular, brought him to his wit’s end. Complaints were poured in and poisonous gas affected badly the pigs and they were the causes for PEDv, PRRSv and FMDv. He spent a considerable amount of money in an effort to improve the facilities and the situation. 

But the result was still poor and it made him cost more while the facilities were also deteriorated due to the toxic gas. Adding insult to injury, the contracted waste processing company notified Lee that it was no longer possible to collect them and the wastes were at the tip of overflow by then. He came to know BioMagic around this time. 

“I jumped into pig farming in 2010. I modernized facilities in 2012 and introduced advanced union farm system in 2017. During these periods, I had used a lot of products that could solve the stench issue but not a single method worked. So I thought it was technically impossible to remove stench. Naturally, I also had a doubt when first heard about BioMagic but I eventually gave a try like I was clutching at straws. And the result was just a surprise.”

Raising about 4,000 pigs, the wastes filled up the 1 meter deep pit around the time they were released to the market. But after using BioMagic, the height was reduced the half in the same period and it almost removed poisonous gas as well as flies that annoyed both pigs and farm workers. 

G&B Solution then encouraged Lee to register his farm as the first liquid fertilizer manufacturing farm in Gongju City which he succeeded and Hambak Pig Farm is now processing the liquefied fertilizer at lower price than other farms while making most of its auto sprinkler system for effective spray, moisture and sterilization.

As a result, the mortality rate stays around 1 to 3% with no symptom of PRRSv and PEDv, the rate of the first grade pig increased more than 50% (90% as a whole), the release period has been shorted significantly, and the feed efficiency stays around 2.8.

“It has always been my goal to bring more advanced facilities, cleaner farm environment and better quality pork. And BioMagic is making my dream possible and it is the springboard for me to fly higher. In addition, it made me think about a harmony between humans, animals and environment that are needed to create a better pig farming in the future.”

Eco-friendly stench solution removes sting and makes neighbors closer
Dalwoomul Pig Farm CEO Youngwoong Lee

Pig Farm owners know very well how stench distances their neighbors from them. Dalwoomul Pig Farm CEO Youngwoong Lee lived with feeling like a sinner and had to lower his head whenever encountering residents living around his farm. 

“I took over the farm my father had run for a long time. But I was really stressed because of stench and the complaints. I was afraid of meeting neighbors as a result. When the stench got intense, it was felt even by the village across the stream and complaints were piled up. Not only this, I could smell it in my body and clothes so I literally didn’t want to go out of the farm.”

It was July last year he came to know about BioMagic when the local government gave subsidy for this eco-friendly stench remover. He was surprised that the sawdust on the floor of the farm dried so fast after using BioMagic and the amount of sawdust was reduced as a result. Following the surprising change to the sawdust, he became aware that complaints were reduced as well as the black and murky bubbles occurred during solid-liquid separation of his slurry farm. 

These changes led to an increase of profit, reduction of mortality rate to 3.8% from 9%, pigs gaining weight to 122kg from 114kg, shortened release period within 100 days, and above all the significant reduction of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentration which resulted in easy and faster cleaning up of the droppings on the floor. 

“My farm used to be an eco-friendly certified farm which means I could not use chemicals and it made me cost more yet still high mortality rate. Using BioMagic made me realize that removing harmful factors to humans, pigs and environment alone can bring a significant change and it actually suits the eco-friendly certified more and proper. In other words, BioMagic I think has solved the stench issue fundamentally and substantially. So I ask the government to provide useful information and better support for eco-friendly stench remover like BioMagic.”

Lee is now determined to increase the amount of BioMagic and to obtain a liquid fertilizer manufacturing certificate in near future to fulfill his target of more than 3.3 times turnover, less than 1% mortality rate and more than 85% of the first grade pork. Above all, he now feels confident to meet his neighbors and to go out to be more sociable.

Zero complaints, reduced mortality, and shortened release period
Doowon Pig Farm CEO Sukchun Seo

BioMagic was a pure surprise for Doowon Pig Farm CEO Sukchun Seo who is running 280 mother pigs with 4 staff and has 40 years experience in the field. Having applied BioMagic for 2 years, Seo testifies “I had used many stench removers from microbial agents to mineral products with just a mere effect at the most as the stench came back sooner than I’d expected. After using BioMagic, stench was almost removed and we are just happy that we no longer have bad smell from the clothes we wear.”

Doowon Pig Farm sprays BioMgaic yearly 30 barrels and not a single complaint was reported after using it. Before using BioMagic, the eyes of pigs were as red as rabbits due to the poisonous gas but the red was all disappeared thanks to BioMagic. 

“It is just so natural to say that clean environment makes not only humans and animals happy but also the whole environment we are sharing. It is better to prevent pollution before it happens by using eco-friendly yet effective substances such as BioMagic rather than after the fair.”

Seo and his staff have observed a significant improvement for PMWS and PRRS and the mortality rate is only 3 to 5% which makes pigs to be slaughtered without a shower unlike other pig farms. 

“It is obvious that pigs grown clean and better environment taste better. We are proud to supply healthy pigs and we are determined to keep this as our pride and principle. I plan to increase the amount of BioMagic and I hope the government would provide support for products that can actually bring difference to the farming environment such as BioMagic.”

Stress-free pigs bring forth the release period and more than 3.3 times turnover
Sungsil Pig Farm CEO Hoyoung Kim

It is a common prejudice that people think pigs are dirty and stupid. On the contrary, pigs are one of the cleanest animals and they are also sensitive and smart. They have this habit to distance where they eat from where they pee and pooh. Boars distant them up to 1km. But things changed when humans started locking up pigs to farm. Knowing this very well, Sungsil Pig Farm CEO Hoyoung Kim always applies BioMagic. He rented the farm in September 2018 to grow 800 pigs in trust and started using BioMagic from November when stench got strong. 

“There are many pig farms around but mine was especially located right in front of vineyard. So stench would bring immediate complaint. Thanks to BioMagic, I could control stench and my farm was able to avoid complaints unlike other farms. I never knew pigs were this much sensitive to not only stench but also the poisonous gas and bad environment. In other words, they get severe stress and the stress might affect badly to people who eat the stressed pigs. Ever since I realized this, I have never stopped using BioMagic.”

A story goes that Kim asked for a faster release of his pigs to the person in charge who eventually paid a visit with a curiosity about this unusually fast release period but he was surprised to see pigs grown much during the summer. In fact, Kim experienced mortality rate reduced by 60% as well as 10 to 20 days faster weight gain. He now is expecting to see more than 3.3 times turnover. 

“Humans are not the only ones to use the planet earth. In the same respect, nature is not only ours but animals and environment as a whole. So we have to share and protect it from pollution and make them healthy and sound. This I think is the direction our livestock industry must sail toward.”

Reducing smell, helping growth and government support is needed
Masan Pig Farm CEO Hanbum Seo

As the scale and the number of pig farms increase, so does the stench and the environment issue caused by pig waste. The high concentrated organic matter included in the waste can cause serious environmental pollution if it is released without proper treatment and the cost is but the farm owner’s own. 

Masan Pig Farm is located in Punggi-eup, Yeongju City, North Gyeongsang Province. CEO Hanbum Seo took over the farm from his father in law 1 year ago and has tried hard to create a better environment. He carried out repair works for this 41 year old pig farm and used many stench removers no matter how expensive they were but in vain or just a little effect for a while at the most. And the cause was the fixed sludge on the pit. 

“I called a waste disposal specialist to clean up the farm but it was really hard to remove the fixed sludge on the pit which was like solid stone. And the stench came from this stiffen waste and it also made poisonous gas and attracted insects. I was scratching my head to find a solution and luckily I came to know about BioMagic and the result was instant.”

Seo started using BioMagic from last February and succeeded dissolving the solid sludge on the pit. He also accepted the recommendation of G&B Solution to install automatic sprinklers within the farm and is now experiencing no sludge alongside efficient operating systems. 

“I actually doubted at first whether I could make a losing investment but I’m confident about my decision now after observing its effect with my own eyes. The installation cost is covered by increased sales that came from reduced stress of pigs, shortened release period and reduced mortality rate. I can also adjust the amount of BioMagic time to time according to the condition of the farm and it reduced management cost. I’m determined to keep using BioMagic.”

Seo added “Some local governments provide subsidy for products the farm owners choose but the local government in my region pointed out a certain product to use. In other words, I have to cover the cost of using BioMagic by myself. I think the data that can prove the effect of BioMagic is enough so I hope that the local government in my region will work on more open policy.”

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