Moon remembers Bu-Ma Democratic Protests

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President Moon attended the ceremony that marked the 40th Bu-Ma Democratic Protests held at Kyungnam University on October 16. It is the first official ceremony held after it was established as a national memorial day. The Bu-Ma Democratic Protests is regarded as one of the four democratic movements alongside the the April Revolution, May 18 Democratic Movement, and June Democratic Movement. Kyungnam University is the spreading point of the protest to Masan that sparked in Busan on October 16, 1979. 

30 protestors who were on the spots during the protests and the family members took the stage to open the ceremony by singing the national anthem and it was followed by a performance themed on the protests, and video images of major scenes. A daughter of Jungae Ok (protestor) who read a letter to encourage the spirit of the protests touched many hearts of the audience on the day. Moon said:

“Protestors and victims have suffered from pains and ignorance for a long time. As the president, I would like to give my sincere apology and consolation. The Bu-Ma Democratic Protests ended the longest and darkest and harshest dictatorship in our history and it opened the dawn of democracy. The government will work on the truth of the protests, recover of their impaired reputation and compensation.”

Moon added that the four of these milestone movements have proved that no powers can reign over people and all public servants must make sure that they are there to serve people.

Moon attends Deview 2019

President Moon attended the Deview 2019 held at COEX on October 28. The Deview 2019 is organized for startups in software and artificial intelligence to exchange and to make presence in the industry.  

A series of presentations on visions and success cases of the SW and AI industries were made on the day. Naver Labs CEO Sangok Suk took the podium first to give a presentation on robot AI development, importance of data and openness, and global research project. Sualab CEO Kiyoung Song took the baton to give one on successful AI startup, and Furiosa AI CEO Junho Baek on a company that developed an AI chip. Moon said in his opening remark:

“An old man fell due to unusual blood pressure at 3:40 am May this year. He pulled with all his might and shouted “help” to the AI speaker. The AI received the sound and sent it to 119 and the old man saved his life. It is the age of AI.”

Moon then brought a number of cases of traditional industries being turned into AI such as manless vehicles and smart factories. He promised that the government would provide necessary support without a stop and walk along with creative minds to make their imaginations and dreams real. 

“We will turn it into inclusive negative regulations and break down the walls that block the imaginations of creative minds. The government allocated 50% increased around $1.7 billion budget to data, network and AI industries next year so that entrepreneurs can have more and better opportunities.”

“We will provide equal education opportunities regardless age as long as they want and the government will take initiative to make most of these AI technologies to make our life easy, convenient, safe and better in all areas from environment and disaster control to safety and national defense.”

Moon then visited a number of booths displayed with cutting edge AI devices such as robot arms and robot legs and met a student Yoonki Kim who developed a program for the blind to recognize the pedestrian from the traffic lanes. Kim said that he wanted to make AI devices for socially vulnerable people in the future and Moon encouraged him, shook hands and hugged. 

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