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Who makes your coffee? Nespresso! Wanna try? Go to Esperanza!

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Esperanza / CEO Gwangsu Kim

George Clooney said in a commercial “Nespresso, what else?” No other copy has been as impressive as this and it has made the brand global. Nespresso was introduced to Europe in early 80s and is now traded worldwide. 

The sales of coffee in South Korea has grown to be the third in the world after the US and China. People drink coffee every day and anytime and streets seem to be lined up more with coffee shops than other stores. Being a bartista has been one of the highly demanded dreams and entrepreneurs are competitively lowering the price to take the advantageous positions in the market. 

While big names keep pushing forward the number of stores, small coffee brands are targeting the niche market; and one of them is Esperanza. Gwangsu Kim launched Esperanza in 2014. Esperanza means hope in Spanish. CEO Kim was determined to introduce a new coffee brand that offers quality coffee and desert to coffee lovers and win-win management system to his business partners. 

Kim used to work in the food and clothes businesses during which he learned many lessons especially the unfair business practices. This drove him to launch his own business with his own fair management policies. 

Operation-wise, he introduced Nespresso coffee machines instead of bartistas to make coffee because the taste and the quality are always the same. Also, this reduced the labor cost. “In other words, a retiree couple, for example, can run a coffee shop with simple training without trained bartistas” says Kim. 

As for the desert, 100% Korean wheat-based quality breads are efficiently and directly supplied to each store from the head office through its own cost-effective distribution system. So it also saves the labor cost. 

Where is Esperanza? It is in Homigot, Pohang City. Not only the luxury interior wows you but also the ocean view. How to order? Use kiosk and touch what you like. 

Confidence in what he has achieved so far, Kim is ambitiously preparing to enter Chinese market with a goal to grow Esperanza as a global coffee brand like Starbucks or Blue Bottle. 

Yearning for a cup of coffee and the sea? Drive down to Esperanza to experience a new level of enjoying a coffee and a desert. 







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