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▲ Pumba singer Noksu Sul

Back in the days, we could easily see Korean gypsies or singing beggars giving singing and dancing performance during the market day. This unique rhythm, dancing and singing is called ‘pumba’ or singing beggars as they give a round of hat to collect coins in return for their performance. If the main performer has excellent skill of talking, the hat gets heavier than other groups of pumba. 

Today, they are not as active as before in terms of numbers and performances. Yet some who have passion in this unique genre of entertainment still seem to be carrying on the tour and one of them is pumba singer Noksu Sul. In fact, she is the hottest pumba in South Korea at the moment.

Her performance on YouTube attracted 3.5 million viewers and she is as busy as celebrities to be aired on broadcasting channels competitively including KBS and MBC on demand of audience who are eager to know about her 22 years of life as the most famous pumba singer today. 

Also, Sul has won a number of prizes in a number of song festivals from grand prize to contribution and talent donation and was invited by her fans in Japan and China. 

Sul used to work in the hair business which did not go well. Then she came to know about pumba singing by chance and was instantly enchanted by its uniqueness. It was not easy at first but people around her saw her genuine passion and talent and started to offer helping hand: Korea Women Voters Association president Hwasoon Jang, and the Namyangju Hillerium’s Wonhyung Shin CEO of couple to name a few.

July 2016, Sul released her first pumba album. Since then, she has released 5 more albums and the number of her fans reached to 2,119 who are willing to travel with her wherever she is to give a performance. Some of her favorite sing along songs are <Nostalgic Serenade>, <Red Lips>, <Lost Lover> and <Missing You>. 

To pay back the help she received from Hwasoon Jang, who is to receive a medal from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on 30th September, Sul recently organized a congratulatory performance on 18th August performing her own original songs <No Lying Love>, <I Wanna Be a Flower>, <Missing You>, <Run> and <Miae>. 

“I’m just thankful that I have fans who support me and who share my story with as well as those who provide unsparing help for me” said Sul.

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