Introducing innovative water particle accelerator:GAON

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We cannot live without water. People’s demand for healthy water encouraged many entrepreneurs to introduce better water purifiers or bottled water. Yongtaek Jo (monk Sungwoon), GAON North Gyeongsang Province exclusive distributor, says that the real time sterilization nano cluster system-based GAON will alter the existing water purifiers. GAON is the world’s first nano ion generator that sterilizes the water without using filters while maintaining the mineral balance as it is. The sterilization happens in real time and ionizes the water cluster. Thus the water is called nano ion water according to Jo.

The GAON’s direct supply of water processes a huge amount of water. Some of the core features of GAON are as follows: 1) keeping the water property as it is while purifying 2) keeping the mineral balance of the water while dissolving cluster to improve mineral balance 3) maximizing absorption rate and deliverance of nutrients 4) increase of dissolved oxygen 5) maintaining nano cluster without a return at high temperature.

According to a test carried out overseas, using ionized water can improve strength of concrete by 50% and the same effect can be gained by applying to other construction materials. Another test carried out by The Nanumi, the company which releasedGAON, proved that the water with colon bacillus became clean after filtered by GAON; also, the sweet potato in the tap water and the GAON water for 10 days showed that the one in the GAON water accelerated the growth of the root, stem and leaves.

GAON is installed to the water pipe connected to the house so that all water supplied to the house becomenano ion water. Jo once suffered from hepatocirrhosis for a long time but recovered from nano ion water and eventually jumped into the business. “You can remove the unique smell of meat when boiling it in nano ion water at home. You can also feel that the meat became tenderer and the taste better. The same applies to any fish food”says Jo.

For home use

Not only you drink nano ion water at home but you wash things with nano ion water as it is installed on the water pipe. The water removes harmful bacteria and you can have better skin and scalp by taking a shower with the nano ion water every day.


For business use

GAON makes food and drinks tastes better and kills harmful bacteria in the dishwasher.


GAON improves quality of agricultural products, brings forth the harvest and saves the cultivation cost. If you run a fish farm, it makes the fish healthier and fresher than the fish farms using normal water.

Spa, sauna and swimming pool

GAON is good for skin as well as for scaling. Spa, sauna and swimming pool are especially encouraged to use GAON as the business must require clean and healthy water.

Temples and water treatment plants

GAON improvesquality of mineral water by maximizing the ingredients. It makes the tea taste better and improves the flavor of vegetable-based food. The water boils faster than the normal water so you can save the heating bill in winter.

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