The vitality for the withering, the rest for the souls

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▲ Artist Sungja Song

I dream this dream like I spread my wings of imagination, wander the border between the light and the dark, catch the instant collide of the light, collect scattered emotions onto canvas, express the energy of objects and vitality, communicate and expand the scope of spirituality. – Artist’s note –

From social welfare professor to artist
There are unique characteristics in her works <Kite>, <Poppy> and <Peony>. The works at her third solo exhibition held at Seongnam Arts Center in September last year have somewhat different aspects from her previous works. The abstract works developed from traditional painting seem to deliver comfort, dynamism and warmness. She used photos and gave a little bit of photoshop before making them into works. The lotus seems to be renewed from withering and fill up the screen. 

“Things withering and dying have reasons of existence and vitality. My interest arises at the spiritual beauty and energy. All living thing and the inside of objects have inner energy and beauty. It is my job to search them, express them onto canvas, and this is the driving force of my art” says Song.

The object of her works is an expression of existence that can attract limitless attention. Song wants to deliver a message to people with mental scars that not only they suffer from despair, hopelessness and sadness but also there are spiritual energy and beautiful things hidden deep down which they cannot see often. Song’s works in a way is the presentation of this. 

For the last several years, Song has tried to apply science technology to the traditional painting in order to enhance her message. As a social welfare professor, she researched on her theme ‘therapeutic approach to domestic violence victims’ before she took the artist career in earnest. And this research is giving a great influence to her works on her realization that art works can express one’s inner status of mind; one’s message in art works can contain the artist’s thoughts, virtues, emotions, knowledge, experience, environment, culture, race, economy and social demand; art works can be developed limitlessly according to the artist’s interest, desire and purpose. 

If her interest in shifting an apple onto canvas motivated at the initial stage of her career as an artist, 15 years of her career makes this interest ‘analysis’; the analysis on the response of appreciators of her works, the analysis on styles, and the analysis on methods. Many people who saw the withered lotus feedbacked Song that they were beautiful, dynamic and energetic. 

Spiritual journey
Song has a great interest in artistic side of her works and in functional side of her works with emphasis on healing people with psychological damages. She sees painting as a method of healing inner scars of people. For this reason, she uses photos, painting and the art’s healing function. 

When the works and gift plants were arrived at the door of her house after her third solo exhibition held at Seongnam Arts Center, she felt that the works and the plants looked like generals returning from a victorious campaign.

“I would like to show my gratitude to professor art critic Chulsoon Im, my fellow artists, my neighbors, my family, and everyone who appreciated my works with keen interest. But my special thanks go to God who gave the light, the life and the energy.” 

▲ 연산홍의 에너지 2017 | 제36회 대한민국미술대전 구상부문 특선

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