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▲ President Lee Jung-gyu

Jesus’ Garden Education Foundation is an educational institution located in Namyangju City. It is famous for its unique educational method that combined curriculum of Montessori and the teachings of the Bible. Lee Jung-gyu, the president of Jesus’ Garden and also a pastor, has passionately followed the royal summons of God and, with the blessings of Him, developed a unique brain training program B.Tree. On March 30th, Jesus Garden held a presentation for this innovative B.Tree by inviting industry officials and experts. 

Growing good and positive in Jesus’ Garden
At Jesus’ Garden, children grow good and positive through Christian virtues. As a sincere and ardent Christian, Lee studied hard and obtained a Ph.D in Christian childhood education with his dissertation on Montessori religious education. He gave an in-depth research on the methods developed by Sofia Cavalletti who succeeded the educational philosophy of Montessori, and Godly Play, spiritual education for children, developed by Jerome W. Berryman, a pupil of Cavalletti and a father of Anglican Church. Back in Korea, he combined what he learned in the US into one single integrated curriculum which embraces Westminster Shorter Catechism, Artrium (experiential learning of the Bible), and Spiritual Art Material (artistic expression of spiritual experience). 


It was 3 years ago that Jesus’ Garden opened its door in California, US with a license issued by the state. Encouraged by this, and with confidence, Jesus’ Garden now is running a Montessori teachers training course in Myanmar and the Philippines; it is notable that Jesus’ Garden published a Montessori course book in Burmese language for the first time in the world. Currently, Jesus’ Garden is running branches in Songpa District Seoul and Namyangju City where the head office is located and actively engaged in alternative school, scholarship and lifelong learning projects. 

Jesus’ Garden’s most recognized program, probably however, is B.Tree, a brainchild of the president Lee. B.Tree is a brain training program designed for children to raise their ability in the already happening 4th Industrial Revolution age. It is consisted of contemplation, prayer, concentration, fast reading, and brain map and brain food. 

“With the blessing of God I developed this unique brain training method. The grace of God is only decided to be given by God and God only changes our soul by removing our sins and punishments. The joy of God’s words activates our brain and body through stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters.”

B.Tree for 4th Industrial Revolution

On March 30th, Jesus Garden held a presentation for this innovative B.Tree brain training program by inviting industry officials and experts to the Korean Church Centennial Memorial Building Seoul. The reason B.Tree is attracting attention from parents is that it lays its focus on convergence and connection, one of the keywords of the 4th Industrial Revolution, ability of deduction and perception, AI and humanoid, IoT, and VR/AR. 

“Children learn from storytelling and B.Tree uses most of its contents of the Bible story and of the question and answer practices. This way, children can grow to be self-directed learning and to be closer to the teachings of God. B.Tree strengthens right part of the brain related to images, center part of the brain for fast reading, and overall thinking ability and healthy life habits.”

To maximize the effect of B.Tree, Lee advises children to consume more of unsaturated fatty acid, protein, saccharinity, and vitamin B, C and E while avoiding MSG, caffeine and instant food. 

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