Suwon Oulim Community gathers for new hope and new mind

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Leemanse Korean Food Service / President Kim Mi-gyeong

“I like volunteer as much as I like people and mingling. So I started to give free side dishes to people in need. Now I even deliver the free side dishes and it’s been already 6 years. I just feel good and happy helping people in need. I think that the gathering of the 6 member organizations of Suwon Oulim Community will strengthen the bond.”


Suwon Green Trust / President Lee Deuk-hyun

“Suwon Oulim Community is not bounded in terms of its activities so it is good I can help people in need whenever I can. The 6 members have built trust for the last 6 months for this gathering and we will keep listening to the opinions of Suwon citizens to bring up better solutions for a better society.”

Dabal Band / Leader Choi Sun-woo

“Dabal Brand is a group which gives free meals to people in need every month. It is an honor to be a member of Suwon Oulim Community since we are not a big charity organization but a small group formed with people in the same mind. We will keep doing our service and work hard to contribute to the community.”


Love Echo Service Corp / President Jungeun

“I have been engaging in volunteer activities for a long time and it is an honor to be a part of Suwon Oulim Community. Love Echo Service Corp is consisted of 20 members of entertainers, singers and Korean music performers who donate their talent to sanatoriums, orphanages, prisons and nursing homes. We hope to share warm hearts and good deeds for as long as we last.”


Bean Sprout Band / Manager Kim Joon-sik

“Bean Sprout Band started its services by teaching the guitar. We are willing to engage in any volunteer services big or small. It is our plan to grow the band as an art and culture organization with the slogan ‘sharing happiness’ as its top priority.”

Sam Volunteer Corp / Director Kim Young-ja

“Sam Volunteer Corp opened its door in October last year to helppeople with mental disorder and their family. We still lack experience but our will is abundant. It is our goal to raise public recognition on people with mental disorder and we will actively engage in activities of Suwon Oulim Community.”


Steering Committee member Kim Dong-koo

“It is the first time all 6 members gathered today and I’m really glad. As we are living in the aging society, volunteer works are needed more than ever especially for those who are ignored from legal protection and care. I hope the gathering will bring more and better ideas for our services.”

Legal Advice Committee member Ryu Gwon-heung

“I’m a lawyer and a professor at Wonkwang University School of Law. I came to know about Suwon Oulim Community while I was offering free legal advices with my students. I’m really glad that I take part of the community and together we can do more and bigger.”


PR head Ko Jung-hee

“I value highly of the word ‘sharing’ and the action. I met a lot of good people last year who made me humble and encouraging and I will keep carrying on my passion and will without a slow down this year.”

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