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▲ CEO Kim Chae-hong

The recent series of fire incidents are alarming the people and they call for the use of safe building materials and applying tougher regulations. Naturally, their interest in eco-friendly yet safe, convenient and efficient building materials are increasing rapidly. Taemin is an insulation specialist which listed its name in the 2018 Korea Green Products of the Year for excellence of its premium insulator. 

Located in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, Taemin has steadily grown their presence in the insulation field with various eco-friendly building materials: low emissivity insulator, limited-combustible insulator, sound insulator, anti-sweating sheet, floor insulator pipe and duct and lags. 

What makes Taemin outstanding, however, is its development of EZ-LON (Anta-LON). It is the world’s first limited-combustible insulator made of PE (Polyethylene). PE is highly flammable material and nobody dare imagined that Taemin would use PE to make the limited-combustible insulator. A test shows that EZ-LON dose not get on fire but rather melts due to high temperature. 

It is composed of independent foams and is excellent in water-proof, chemical-protective and elasticity. It has low heat conduction which makes it excellent heat conservation and is relatively thin. It can save double the amount of heat when compared to the existing PF as well as up to 40% installation cost.

The result of the FITI Testing & Research Institute: total heat emission is 0.4~1.3 (based on 8MJ/m2), time for maximum heat emission to surpass 200KW/m2 is 0 second (based on less than 10 seconds), no flammable cracks, holes and melts are reported, the testing rat’s average suspension of action is 14.3 seconds (based on more than 9 minutes). 

The law (Article 3, Paragraphs 6 and 8) enforces public institutions to buy Green Products when the Green Products are in the products they need to buy. The G-SEED (Green Building Rating System) rates the grade from 1 to 4 and each grade offers different level of government support for local tax, mitigated standards and environmental improvement fund. In other words, using EZ-LON gives all these three benefits. G-SEED is stricter than KS mark and requires higher standards both in quality and eco-friendliness. 

Obtainment of patents
Normally, insulators get more pressure in the middle so the size of the net is uneven. To improve the drawback, Taemin used reinforced rib technique to make the size of the net even and it proved to have better performance in insulation and installation as well as cut off of noise and vibration. Taemin obtained a patent (No.10-1792697) for this. 

Taemin also obtained a patent (No.10-1347628) for its pipe insulator in 2015 which was the first case in Korea. Pipe insulators must be used according to each different size of the pipe but most of them are in the similar size and shape. This has been a cause of mold and sweat on the wall. So, Taemin marked the standard on all of its pipe insulators and it has significantly increased efficiency in inventory and precise installation. Thanks to this excellence, Taemin succeeded to have made a strong presence in the construction sector and its product lines are being used in many home and commercial buildings. 

Continuous R&D
Taemin CEO Kim Chae-hong has four degrees: interior architecture and design, printing technology, chemical engineering and urban planning. He spent 10 years as a professor and has played the leading role to grow Taemin as today. 

“I’ve gone through many trials and errors since establishing Taemin in 2012. The development and release of EZ-LON (Anta-LON) last year was a breakthrough and is the top-selling limited-combustible insulator in the market today. It is recognized as the only eco-friendly product in the field as proved by being listed in the 2018 Korea Green Products of the Year. We will keep pushing forward R&D as passionately as before and introduce better and more efficient product lines” says Kim. 

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