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Bringing innovation to pharmacy administration: Blue Channel Pharm System

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CEO Lee Eun-mi

Eunsung CEO Lee Eun-mi is famous for her brainchild ‘Blue Channel Pharm System’. She points out that nobody knows who buys what kind of drugs at a pharmacy under the current system. In this respect, Blue Channel Pharm System is but a breakthrough. The whole process of buying and selling drugs in where and when is recorded in the system and pharmacists can also check the expiry dates and inventory easier and more efficiently. 

Necessity is the mother of invention
Eunsung is a company that develops various operation platforms necessary for pharmaceutical industry. Its brainchild ‘Blue Channel Pharm System’ is an all-in-one administrative system that lets the pharmacists to conveniently manage the data on ordering, sales, inventory, expiry date, filling prescriptions and payment. 

Normally, 1 to 2 pharmacists work at a shift and they have to do all the necessary works from filling prescriptions to inventory which requires them to spend more time on paper works than treating the patients. But the advent of Blue Channel Pharm System has made the operation easy as it is linked with ‘Pharm it3000’ of the Korea Pharmaceutical Information Center so that the pharmacists can more conveniently manage the prescriptions as well as the over-the-counter drugs at once alongside these paper works.

“The job of pharmacists is to fill a prescription, study newly released medicines and suggest appropriate drugs to the patients visited. The problem was that they also had to do inventory, profit calculation and expiry checks at the same time which often discourage their intended job performance of treating patients. Thus introduced was the innovative all-in-one pharmacy administration platform called ‘Blue Channel Pharm System’. If the average time taken on these works is 2 to 3 hours, the system lets you to do it in just 20 to 30 minutes” says Lee. 

Meeting the standards of the government policy
The patented Blue QR and the electronic tag RFID loaded in Blue Channel Pharm System automatically input the data by just one scan for pharmacists to easily check the expiry date, order status and inventory of drugs in real time. This groundbreaking system obtained a patent (No.10-2017-0146931) and the pharmacists can check the returning drugs and unusable drugs, or order new drugs automatically when they are running out. 

Blue Channel Pharm System seems very encouraging considering the government’s Serial Number Act on Medicines which will be enacted from this year: each medicine must have its own serial number, standard code and expiry date while the electronic report system on illegal drugs and psychotomimetic agents will also be tougher from this year.  

“The barcode on a medicine do not contain all information. The over-the-counter drugs categorized 1, for example, goes through about 2,600 wholesalers but the existing system cannot give how many of them have been sold. But the solution is finally here thanks to Blue Channel Pharm System.”

Face recognition
Eunsung’s face recognition technology made it easy to analyze the patient’s information on age, sex and drugs he/she is taking at the moment. This recognition tech can get the information of the patient in speed especially when in emergency. Thanks to these innovative technologies and system, Eunsung has made a strong presence as an innovative partner of the Korea Pharmaceutical Information Center. The company linked its system to ‘Pharm IT3000’ that has around 15,000 pharmacies nationwide. 

Apart from Korean market, Eunsung is receiving love calls from overseas including Japan and China and has applied for two of overseas PCT on the occasion of being selected as the 6th Rocket Startup of Amazon. In 2017, the company opened the Eunsung Research Institute which was approved as an affiliate research institute. 

“We are currently eyeing on the North American market while working to draw partnership with a number of local companies in India. Meanwhile, we will challenge the OurCrowd Jerusalem, push forward localization programs through the Gyeongsangbukdo Creative Economy Innovation Center KIC Silicon Valley, and join the first stage of the KIC Express Soaring.” 

‘Blue Channel Pharm System version 2’ and ‘My Own Pharmacy’
Eunsung registered products to the Public Procurement Service last December and is propelling the release of Blue Channel Pharm version 2 to expand the services onto mobile platform. Alongside, the company is working on development of ‘My Own Pharmacy’ in which the patient and the pharmacist can share the information about the drugs he/she is taking. 

Eunsung obtained a venture certification from the Deagu Gyeongsangbukdo Creative Economy Innovation Center in 2017 and a venture certification from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation the same year. Not complacent, CEO Lee and her staff are ambitious to supply the system to 80% pharmacies in Korea within 5 years. It is notable that Lee started Eunsung as one-woman business to have grown the business as big and successful as today. 




医薬ߧ総꫷ƫ発񻫦󫽫ϡܬ쪿医薬ߧƫ֫ɡ֫ーͫ(Blue Channel)発医薬ߧު˪実ު֫ーͫիーޫƫϡ発񼡢売߾డͷη⡢効Ѣڪη⡢剤ϴުȪΪǪ医薬ーη⫷ƫ֫ーͫիーޫƫ発ܪϡ薬Ѫު˪経営効굪몳ȪǪ롣

数薬ѪުǪ12٣⪹薬剤Ԫ剤Ǫʪͷη薬効Ѣڪηʪɡ数બȪ졢来骹ΪȪƪʫƫȪʪêƪ롣񪫪視ƪĪ・̱薬POS(Point of Sales)ᪿȪϪêѪ٥骫実残ȪǪ˪롣ܬ쪿ƫݶ񻫦󫽫Ϋ֫ーͫիーޫƫϡ薬学ªΡիーIT3000֧Ѫ剤薬医薬区ªʪη⪬ʦ会ͪ処売߾డηʪɪʦʫƫϰ骷ƫ򪵪Ԫᪿ

・ϡ֫ーͫիーޫƫϡ薬剤Ԫ医薬η⪹画Ѣܪ骹ު23ફêƪ2030ªӭꪷ為涪ȪǪ롣ު国Ūӫͭëת몿Ϋーɫ髤֫Ы(Work and live balance)몳Ȫ˪ꡢ薬剤Ԫܪ骹몳ȪǪ롹説٥


֫ーͫիーޫƫϡͷߩͷ˪薬剤Ԫܪʫ׫˪ơーȪΦΫーꪷ薬剤Ԫ画Ѣܪ骹医薬η⫷ƫɪBlue QRRFIDĪơΫǫーܪ졢薬効ѢͷϪġͷ数ުǫꫢ뫿㪹몳ȪǪ롣Ϋƫ10-2017-0146931号医薬ͷη۰効Ѣ򱣩Ȫɪê졢売/ߩ効ѢηʦȪת໪売몤٪薬ʪɪ対ܬʦȪʪꡢ数໪֧Ѫͷʪʪܪ몳Ȫʦު薬׵ת体ܪ׵骺視䪹֫ーͫPOSѦ薬会䪫ިުǪΫիーOne-WayȪǪ誦˪ʪêƪΪᶪ



񻣩󫽫ء2Ҵǫߣܻ¡ૹ󫽫ܻ¡ーӫȫー루ȫ薬ʪ医ͣ並薬学ªĪȪ国薬ͣܪ󷪵몿ˡ薬Ѫ60薬ϴ׫ࡺիーIT300015,000ᶪ薬Ѫƪ몹٪ƪ薬会卸売ΫЫ䣨VAN䡢̽済Ȫ֧ʦʫƫ˪⡢国ʪ⪫Ϋ֫ー몬󭪰۰ޫAmazonΫëȫーȫë6ѢҪѦ会ˡުتΪPCT 2êު継続ܪ研ϼ発Ϊˡ2017Ҵ˪ϣ񻣩󫽫研ϼᶪء研ϼᶪȪ쪿˪Īƫ・ϡー薬Ѫ営1ŪΫʫIR参ʥڷʫ医薬ު対1۪ー󫿫Ȫꡢ֫ーͫիーޫƫબءĪΪ֪롣쫢ޫΫëȫーȫë6ѢҪȪơڷުϪ󡢫Ȫ峪᪷ƪꡢ髨Ϋ뫵ૢー髦ɪتΫ󫸪櫻ーKICꫳЫー8ΣǪϡ国内˰ΫーЫΪӫͭܬー꫼ー󫵫ーȫ׫KIC Express Soaring 1ӫͭ参ʥ戦٪






医药统η٤“Blue Channel Farm System”

药ͧ统体数决۰BlueChannel  Farm System

BlueChannel Farm System从库结ߩ货订购药师业务个过数为础过决۰У减药师业务时间医药ηͧ统过专Blue QR电标签RFID扫即ʦ动输数ߣ药Ѣ间库现况时间确认库数ᡣ该ͧ统请为专10-2017-0146931号(医药库η۰Ѣ间)实现销售/结ߩ动Ѣ间η⡣过这个ͧ统ʦ筛选优销售货药过与ʫ应动当库清还ʦ动订购现场药׵体趋۰ӣBlueChannelPOS优从药师费׵动够ȡ


与时()银还顾结ߩ时过脸认识顾Ҵ龄别数ߣ药经营数专ף难顾么ܻ实际现场׺诉򢣬ʦԳϭ么药ڪ发误ϭ问题现场响应从߾断ͻ诈软ͺ发数该ͧ统值赖顣()银ء仅过2Ҵ时间发尔ߣ医¡߲尔医¡Ubcare东场(东药)医疗ͧ统业ء药学飬为国内药业ժ扎ƣ构够与体药60%药请“Farm IT3000”确15,000处药药发VANɣ结ߩ业)动业务ͧ统现⡢国纷纷关񼣬另评选为亚马逊(Amazon)创业6Ѣ为会为场请2PCT专ס󦣬为ʦ续发研ϼ开发2017Ҵء񻣩银研ϼᶣ业ݾ属研ϼ认证关业ڸԳ“连锁۰经营药1份参ʥʥIR对ڸ(ʥ)医药场结1场调查Blue Channel Farm System将Accelerator contact为󮣬评选为亚马逊创业6Ѣ为础ڸ场备与当业间业务£֪߮OurCrowd战庆创KICЩ(8)为国内˭业国际场进阶ӫ当战将参ʥKIC Express Soaring 1阶ӫ业业”


Ҵ12ţ()银调厅册产扩张与国ʫ项间联ͧ计划继续开发“BlueChannel Farm System ver2”实现现产级将ͧ统PC扩张为󦣬开发访问药顾ʦ亲确认过药与医药“药”过药师论ٴʥ对广药师传ʦ过BlueChannel专YouTube广롢SNS脸谱网Instagram开积极传为˭业银销售۰药专营Farm IT3000个BIT电脑业进业务£计划过与国药师会业务过发ݤ请专业业ͧ统签订MOU构药营业网积极参ʥ药师会办览会过过BlueChannel药师们Ϣ业领将扩张韩国亚马逊 AWS Bespin Globalã从2份开ʦ网߾费个ţ计划韩ͣ战 




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