International Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Association

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▲ President Kim Ho-sung

Alzheimer’s disease causes disfunction of memory, decision, language and emotion. There is no proper cure yet but various preventive methods and managements are being practiced. 

A survey shows that 1 out of 5 aged more than 85 and 1 out of 8 between 65 and 84 are suffering from this disease. Alzheimer’s disease is rising as one of the most serious illnesses in this so called homo-hundred age. Yet the specialists in the field do not meet the expectations of the government’s plan and training. The establishment of the International Alzheimer’s Disease Association is part of this effort and the president Kim Ho-sung is credited for bringing up various effective solutions and programs to the field.

Alzheimer’s disease is known to develop 20 years before the symptoms come into full effect according to the doctors. This means that people in their 30s and 40s are better advised to take preventive measures. The problem is that they are busy earning a living and can hardly spare a time for this. 

Kim focused on this and built systematic preventive methods that can cover from basic knowledge on the disease to brain exercise and cognition development in their niche time. Formerly, he established the Fun Leadership Association, Korea Happy Laughter Healing Center and International Education and Culture Center in a hope to make contributions to creating a better and healthier society. 

It is notable that he has given about 7,000 lectures for the last 25 years including 2 years on leadership and laughter at Samsung Group and 26 times on the same subjects at Nongshim. Also, he ran ‘officer worker encouraging program’ at Korail and Seoul City Hall for 2 years. 

“I have gathered all of my knowledge and experience to establish the International Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Association. Alzheimer’s disease is rising fast as an issue to deal with in this ever increasing aging society but there doesn’t seem to be sufficient measures and supports yet. So I and members of the association are rolling up our sleeves to take part in improving the environment.

As part of this effort, the association is running various programs: Alzheimer’s disease prevention class, homecare services, dispatching specialists, instructor’s course and certification course. 

“The programs are focused on using the both left and right brains through various exercises and body movements. Some of the programs are being used in lifelong learning centers. It is very important to spread the fact to the people that prevention comes first when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease since there is no proper cure yet.”

The instructor’s course and certification course are especially designed to foster talented and capable industry specialists. Those who finished the courses successfully are given job consulting and opportunities. The certification can lead them to job placement of the association and its 50 branches nationwide as well as lecturers at various lifelong learning centers of 22 partnership universities including Konkuk University and Semyung University. 

The association also developed ‘Cognition Walking’ to raise cognition ability. It is a rock-paper-scissors on the move and the using hand and speaking the sound with mouth can prevent Alzheimer’s disease; hands and mouth are the parts where nerve cells are most densely populated according to the association.

“Reading out books or knitting can also be helpful to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Many people under our effective programs and courses have given positive feedback and say that it is really fun to learn and apply the methods. It is our goal, therefore, to increase the current 50 branches to 100 in near future in order to spread our effective preventive methods and programs to more people.”

Taking the momentum, the president Kim is working to introduce ‘itinerant cognition care services’ soon. If fully came into use, many people are expected to get the benefit of convenient cognition care services at home or at their desired places.

“We are also planning to establish an Alzheimer’s disease specialized university. For this, we will work in cooperation with related organizations both government and private alike and raise our status to a level of the global Alzheimer’s disease preventive care services provider over Korea.”

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