Special Day Needs Special Makeup

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▲ Park In-ji

When is a special day? Wedding, birthday, interview, presentation, client meeting, going out or party? Valentine Day and White Day shouldn’t be missed out for they will be sad if so. Whichever special occasion we have, we all might agree a special day needs special makeup; as well as the hair and the dress? Then we come back to our normal daily routine and wait for the next special occasion.

Park In Ji Makeup CEO Park In-ji says “Indeed! A special day needs special makeup. But shouldn’t the special day be every day?” I asked why and she says “The reason we makeup, do the hair and doll up is because we want to feel good. If we can make every day feel good, wouldn’t our lives be more special than we thought?”

Park believes that a makeup artist is not a person who just powder up one’s face but a specialist who raises confidence of ‘the made-up’ and helps her, or him, draw better results in both workplace and human relationships. For this reason, every single one of her clients goes through a number of screenings to be fully confident and capable:

What is the occasion? Where does it take place? How is the facial structure and body line of the client? Gathering as much information as possible on this, she decides the right color and touch that can shine the client most effectively and go well with the ambience of the place. 

When asked about the feedback after this analyzed color and touch, she says “I often hear like ‘Wow, I never knew I was this much charming. I feel good watching myself in the mirror.’ This makeup process for me is like a sculptor shaping his work. That’s what I feel whenever I do makeup. The clients’ feedback makes me excited but I sometimes indulge myself in the work I’ve just created.” 

Many tend to view the job of makeup artists as a splendid career. But the reality is harsher than they think: starting work at 4am in the morning, eating food on the move, and standing in dress and on high heels for 12 hours a day. We might think she could work in casualwear and sneakers so I asked why she works in dress and high heels.

“A makeup artist is a person who creates presentable images. Who would trust me if I could not create my own image first? Waking up at 4am in the morning, eating food on the move and working 12 hours standing in dress and high heels truly is challenging. But the work I like and chose asks me to pay that, that’s the part I should pay willingly.”

And the pain of pay has been well paid off: she took charge of makeup for the Seoul Fashion Week, the Asia Model Awards Beauty Gala Show, the 2014 ASEAN-Korea Summit banquet, the Miss Korea Daegu/Gyeongbuk selection and MBC anchors; she currently is in charge of makeup and hair of Busan MBC anchors and of Air Busan image making and new crew training. 

Despite her years-long career and recognition in the field, she rather has a small wish: a wish to pass on her knowhow to future makeup artists. What would be her tips for them? She says “I believe there is no such thing as easy dream. Just choose what you like most but do it with passion and like a pro so that you will see yourself reaching to your dream day by day.” 

We all want to look beautiful. And the beauty comes at a price. But are we not willing to pay the price to look beautiful every day? We should rather makeup, do the hair and doll up ourselves every day. We should better enjoy the attention from the others and walk the street with our head straight in confidence. Like Park says “Special day needs special makeup. And the special day should be every day.” 

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