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Dr. Corset, Dr. Corset Pro, 88 Corset, Misspoly and Mr.poly with the coming soon Dr.Core-set SMART are the brands of DoDream Creative, a functional innerwear company, that will help correct your body shape. They are ideal if you have twisted spine and pelvis, turtle neck, scoliosis or disc. 

The founders Eom Tae-ho and Lee Ji-hye put up their mutual slogan ‘From Correct Posture Comes Beautiful Body’ on which they have been driving the business forward since 2011. 

“I meant the word Corset to be ‘core muscle’ and ‘set’. In other words, our Corset lines are designed to help correct incorrect body shape. More and more people in our society are engaged in sedentary work. But our body is designed to move to keep its strength as illness might strike otherwise. A consistent and moderate exercise is good for maintain sound spine and pelvis. And our corset lines are especially focusing on helping correct spine and pelvis” explains Eom. 

The Corset lines of DoDream Creative obtained patents relating to helping correct spine, pelvis and shoulder. In 2015, the company received a citation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups in recognition of the low body correction technique. In 2016, the company again received a citation from the Innobiz followed by two more citation from the National Assembly Education, Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee as well as Health and Welfare Committee in 2017. 

“We can do stretching every now and then during the day to help our body release and correct but I thought something more convenient and effective. DoDream Creative’s Corset lines are developed for this purpose and everybody regardless age and sex can wear it comfortably. They are designed to induce contraction and release of core and postural muscles of our body.”

Following the patents in Korea, the Corset lines also obtained patents for spine and pelvis correction in China in 2015 and they are registered to the FDA as first degree medical equipment in the US by passing the skin test and skin toxin test based on the FDA GLP Guide Line. 

Taking the momentum, the two founders pushed forward development of Dr. Core-set SMART loaded with IoT technology including bio-signal cognition sensor; the device helps users check the status of their body on the app in real time. 

Recently, DoDream Creative joined hands with Hyundai Rental Services for consumers to rent the DoDream Creative’s Corset lines while Eom and Lee are traveling the nation to demonstrate excellence of Corset lines through special lectures. 

Call 1688-3192 if you join a special lecture. 

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