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▲ Park Jung-min, CEO of Cafe Dinning Lobster

A hot place needs a hot restaurant
Cafe Dinning Lobster has made a strong presence in the dine-out industry in Gyeongju City within two years of launching the business. Nested on 529, Bomun-ro, Cafe Dinning Lobster offers you a spacious 991 square meter hall divided into the first floor restaurant, second floor coffee shop and third floor sky garden. It is interesting that CEO Park chose lobster for his dine-out business in the city where most restaurants offer traditional Korean dishes. “I thought it pointless to add another Korean restaurant to compete with the rivals unnecessarily. Lobster is still a rare menu for many Koreans to enjoy due to relatively expensive price and a little bit of effort to remove the shell to eat. Lobsters are imported and the taste varies depending on how to cook. Some people don’t like the unique smell which makes them turn their back. So, I improved all these drawbacks and developed my own recipe through years of research and trials” says Park. 

The best quality Canadian lobsters served at Cafe Dinning Lobster
The best quality Canadian lobsters at Cafe Dinning Lobster are grilled in a fire pot after which they are mixed with purified honey butter that will give a chewy yet tender taste. “The reason I grill lobsters is because boiling cannot remove the unique smell and it also makes the flesh tough.” However, dinners at first did not understand this new taste and some even complained about the relatively smaller portion of the flesh due to the grilling. Not discouraged still, Park pushed forward his sureness that one day dinners would see the value of this unique taste and his confidence eventually proved right. Having secured credits from dinners, Park then introduced a variety of side menus provided at rational price; 49,000 won ($43) for two can enjoy honey butter grilled lobster, spicy pasta, morning bread and potato chips as well as salad. 79,000 won for four adds one more lobster with a fire pot grilled pizza. It might be fun for you to try spicy clam pasta or 100% natural cheese fire pot pizza with a whole lobster uniquely served at Cafe Dinning Lobster; the cheese used for the pizza goes through three stage ripening processes to maximize the very best taste possible. 


Ambition for global market
Fancy for a cup of coffee after fulfilling your stomach’s desire? Find nowhere but go straight up the floor. After the coffee, why don’t you go up a floor more onto the roof-top sky garden to appreciate the beautiful surrounding scenery? For this all-in-one services of the building, many dinners are group of families and foreign tourists who show their thumps-up when leaving. You might saw Cafe Dinning Lobster on the JTBC’s Big Picture and credited for being one of the best restaurants in Gyeongju where the chefs of the nearby hotels also make a regular visit. “I went through many trials and errors alongside surveys of the tasters in order to find the ultimate taste. I now thought it was a worthwhile try.” With this massive success as the springboard, Park is preparing to go global step by step with the idea of serving shellfish-driven world’s foods such as king crap and shrimps. If you are living in Gyeongju or happen to drop by the city, you are highly advised to try this ultimate taste of lobsters at Cafe Dinning Lobster.  

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