Plasma property data is ingredient to perfect your 4th industrial revolution recipe

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▲ Dr. Song Mi-young of Plasma Property Data Center

Building plasma property standards for cutting edge design and production
The Plasma Property Date Center is the sole organization in Korea that provides information on plasma properties. Plasma is made by forcing massive heat and pressure onto gas; it is neither solid nor liquid and thus called ‘the fourth matter’. The lightening and the aurora can be the state of plasma, according to experts. Plasma uses electromagnetic field to adjust its movement, direction and speed and thus adjusts the changes, strength and location of the targeted matter. Plasma technology can be applied to the semiconductor industry with respect to energy, environment, bio and medicine. To make this application substantial, and if the researcher is to be able to analyze the targeted matters for changes by using the collision characteristics of plasma, the plasma property data is must-needed. “It actually is a basic research area but it takes tons of time and costs for the industry to carry it on” says Dr. Song Mi-young of the Plasma Property Data Center opened in December 2006 on approval of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The remarkable achievement of the center is at its 10 years of passion and hard work to have built the Plasma Property Standard for Reference, and the subsequent development of the Space Average Plasma Equipment Interpretation Simulator; this technology has been transferred to Kyungwon Tech and has been commercialized. Song says “The simulator has proved to be better than the foreign counterparts and is being used at various semiconductor businesses in Korea at the moment.” The Plasma Property Data Center analyzes physically and chemically the electronics, ion, atom and molecular characteristics and collisions to bring up reference standards for the industry and academy alike. Song explains “A good recipe is useless without the necessary ingredients. The plasma property data plays the latter role. So, even if you don’t feel confident at cooking, you just follow the recipe to make food.” 

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