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▲ Kim, Taesoon, CEO of MoFAS Co.

Technology can only advance

Not many would disagree that we are living in the time of flooding technological terms such as IoT, big data, cloud, 5G and AI. Yes, these are the often cited words for the coming age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The technological advancement of human beings turned a new page at the entrance of the new millennium where online networks spread rapidly and it led us to the world of new intelligence and information. The advent of smart phones, yet, has brought us the freedom of mobility on using these intelligence and information on-the-go. Behind this remarkable technological advancement, however, lied the dangers of our personal information being leaked by hackers or such practices. 


‘MoFAS Blockchain’ opens next generation blockchain technology 

May 2017, WannaCry (ransomware) shocked the cyber security firms by hacking the computer systems in a demand for Bitcoin. Much alarmed by this, the industry started to pay more attention to Blockchain technology in a way to defend such attacks. Experts seem to voice together that the technology will create a massive ripple effect in the coming age of the ‘ultra-connected society’. In this respect, MoFAS Co.’s introduction of ‘MoFAS Blockchain’ at the ‘2018 BIT! FORUM’ last April, in cooperation with the top Korean cyber securities firm HackersLab, was but good news and a sensation! “In a nutshell, MoFAS is HFT Blockchain (Hyper-Frequency Transaction Based Blockchain)” explains MoFAS Co. CEO Kim, Taesoon. 


The fastest, the safest!

MoFAS is a level high upgraded blockchain that processes the transactions in speed based on the ‘Double Block Chain’ technology built on application of Hyper DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and the existing blockchains to the white chain. The MoFAS framework provides the information of the API, library and the blockchained-malware to cyber security specialists and firms. The goal of MoFAS, therefore, is to create an app store-like platforms on that framework on which the cyber security specialists upload the S-DApp (Security-DApp) for the services; in fact, it not only provides securities but also app store-like business environments. Kim explains “MoFAS improved the years long problems of delay of agreement, uncompetitive incentives, unclear fees and charges, lack of service models and poor security performances. In other words, MoFAS is an ultimate blockchain-based business solution to the industry.” 


VPOS and Security 3.0

HackersLab, the strategic partner of MoFAS Co., is busy at the moment preparing to release its first DApp named ‘VPOS’. VPOS is a vaccine or a defensive compensation-type security service app that can promptly and effectively counteract against the ever intelligent ransomware and it works this way: a ransomware gets connected to blockchain through VPOS and MoFAS platform and the stored ransomware is analyzed by white hackers who brings up counteraction codes to upload for other white hackers and users. MoFAS, in this term, plays an eco-system that raises security economy by defensive-compensation. Last May at the ‘Global Issue 2018 Conference’, MoFAS Co. CTO Kim, Seongkee introduced this new security system of MoFAS as ‘Security 3.0’ that interpreted the cyber security in an economic point of view, and thus a new business model. In an extension of this new interpretation and its promotion, MoFAS Co. signed an advisory contract last May with CEO Roger Ver, a globally renowned leader of blockchain business. 

Fostering 1 million white hackers

MoFAS Co. CEO, and also HackersLab CEO, Kim, Taesoon is received as a rare person who has devoted his whole life to building effective cyber security technologies and cooperative defense systems. It is not surprising, considering this life-long devotion, that he is also running ‘HackersLab Lifelong Learning Academy’ and ‘Korea Hacking Security Research Institute’ that have been proactively engaging in fostering talented industry specialists. Kim says that it is interesting to see the transform of black hackers to white hackers through ethic-driven education and training and he is ambitious to foster 1 million white hackers in preparation for the coming age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now, we must be proud that this innovative MoFAS cyber, and new business, platform is built only on ‘Korean technology’. Hurrah MoFAS Co.!

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