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▲ Roo Being-kuk, Director of Chunma Fortuneteller / President of Korea, China and Japan Scientific Fortuneteller Federation

Roo is famous for being the Korea’s first scientific fortuneteller. He studied at a prestigious university and took a leave of absence for military service during which he learned that his father passed away suddenly. Rather than going back to the university after discharged, he started a business and made a great success. But the success did not last long and he went to China where he had a chance to read ancient books on fortunetelling. Being enchanted by the book, he launched a study and passed an exam held in Beijing. He obtained a certificate and started fortunetelling services for 4 years in Shenyang, China and came back to Korea after 8 years. He opened a fortunetelling in Ulsan City and Busan City. Back then, fortunetelling was regarded as unscientific but a superstition. Feeling the need of proving, Roo launched a research on scientific fortunetelling. He also continued the leave of absence and obtained master’s and doctoral degrees at the age of 54. Roo mastered oriental philosophies from naming and feng shui (geomancy) to physiognomy and palm reading and furthered his knowledge at University of Brain Education in Cheonan City. Currently, he is working as an adjunct professor at University of Brain Education and is giving special lectures at prestigious universities and cultural events. He is the president of the Korea, China and Japan Scientific Fortuneteller Federation, an operation director of the Korea Namer Association, a permanent member of the Korea Scientific Fortunetelling Association and a representative of the Korea Fortunetellers Association. Roo relocated his business to Daedeok district, Daejeon City in May 2008. Roo advises that we cannot chance the time, day, month and year of our birth but can lead a better life by knowing the meaning of it. He introduced five lucks that can make our lives change: 1) family 2) accident 3) health 4) money 5) success; he gathered and analyzed 50,000 cases of 700 divorced couples, of consulting data of critical patients and prisoners and of his clients. “Gathering information and analyzing it is a very important process to bring up scientific statistics. And I found some common grounds for bad things to happen.” He worked on the gatherings for 3 years and published a paper to surprise the academic circle. The paper passed the assessment and gained him the title the Korea’s first scientific fortuneteller in October 2014. “We go to hospital when we have physical pain and to law firm with legal matter. Likewise, people with harshness of life go to fortuneteller to find out ‘why’ and ‘how’ they can improve. In this respect, a role of fortuneteller, I think, is a counselor.” Roo categorized 300 bad energies and 160 good energies based on the fate of man and the Five Elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) from which he delivers the best solution possible to each of his client; what to avoid and what to do. Thanks to this scientific base and accuracy, you might need to wait for a while after a booking to have a scientific analysis and advice from Roo. It is notable that among his clients are politicians, celebrities and executives of company. 

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